Paying a Price for Trading a Superstar

Orlando Magic

There is no denying that Dwight Howard is a superstar and superstars only come around every so often. Teams are rarely willing to trade their superstar unless it’s for another superstar or a group of solid players and draft picks. That being said, I have no words for what took place last night.  [Read more…]

Ray Allen shows “He Got Game”


Let’s face it, Game 1 of the NBA Finals was a dud. The Lakers dominated every aspect of the game, forcing us to hear the talk of a L.A. sweep. We also heard LeBron getting criticized for trying to overshadow the NBA Finals. If one man’s interview could overpower the biggest stage of basketball, then it isn’t LeBron’s fault, it’s the Celtics’ fault.

If Boston was going to show up each game and put on the same performance they did in Game 1, then the NBA Finals deserved to get overshadowed. Hell, if every game was like Game 1, then the NBA should be worried about PBS overshadowing the Finals.

After watching the Lakers dominate the Celtics I was pretty much ready to tune out and go into full World Cup-mode.

Enter Walter Ray Allen.

By Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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