NBA Power Rankings: #16 Washington Wizards



by: David Kay

2008-09 Season Summary:
On paper, it is sort of difficult to believe that this team finished with the second worst record in the NBA. But when you take into account that two of their expected starters (Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood) combined to start just seven games, it makes a lot more sense. Having fired their head coach just eleven games into the season, Washington never found any consistency and finished 13 games worse than any other Eastern Conference club and snapped their streak of four straight post-season appearances.

The Wizards are expected to be healthy this season and made a couple moves to add veterans.  This team has the make-up of being a playoff contender and could make some serious noise if they are clicking on all cylinders.

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  1. Andy Weise says

    I think the Wizards will be solid. Foye was playing off the ball most of last year too though once the Wolves figured out he couldn’t do the point guard thing full time. SHould be interesting to see how they work Miller into the mix.

  2. paulmbanks says

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