Magic Johnson Part of Group Trying to Buy L.A. Dodgers



So who’s going to step in and rescue the once proud MLB franchise known as the Los Angeles Dodgers? In the words of ’70s wuss rockers Pilot….”oh ho ho it’s magic. You know! Never believe it’s not so.”

That’s right, Earvin “Magic” Johnson is part of a “dream team” potential ownership group with goals of purchasing/rehabbing the troubled franchise driven into bankruptcy by Frank McCourt, partially because of McCourt’s bitter (is there really any other kind?) divorce.

Magic tweeted hours ago:

Thrilled to announce that I’ve partnered w/ Mark Walter & Stan Kasten to form Guggenheim Baseball Mgmt in pursuit of purchasing the Dodgers!

And followed that up with:

I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of the Dodgers legacy & bring a World Series championship back to LA.

The L.A. Times reported this first, but here’s more from Fox Sports:

The 52-year-old Johnson, who has launched a successful post-NBA business career, would reportedly join with former Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves executive Stan Kasten and financier Mark Walter, CEO of Guggenheim Partners.

“Stan Kasten is my man,” Johnson said. “He’s a winner. He’s built two incredible organizations and he’s well-respected. That is what was important to me. I had to get with a winner, a guy who understands baseball inside and out. … Both guys are about building a winner and making a difference in the LA community.”

What an iconic owner he would be for L.A., the man who embodied Lakers “showtime” and won five titles in Hollywood. I wonder if this effort will keep Magic Johnson from attending the Big Ten title game in Indianapolis tomorrow? He’s very close to his alma mater, and usually attends big Michigan State Spartans events. He was in Indy last year for the Final Four, so maybe he’ll be able to attend the big game versus the Badgers tomorrow? Will Taylor Young, the fallen MSU cheerleader who was a national media sensation this week be there too?

Will Magic succeed in his ownership bid? Stay tuned here.

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