Detroit Pistons Facing an All Out Mutiny



Wisconsin isn’t the only Upper Midwest state seeing an uprising right now. They’re fighting the power in Michigan too. Except here the venue for rebellion is the NBA and the stakes are much lower.

The Detroit Pistons right now are a shell of what they were last decade. They have terrible bloated contracts like Ben Gordon’s all over the books, and things are getting so bad that an insurrection against the coach is going down.

Tracy McGrady,  Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton, Chris Wilcox and Ben Wallace all missed this morning’s practice in what is being reported as a “player protest.”

And then Kuester’s tense situation led to his ejection last night!

According to Just Sports and Just Us:

Kuester’s emotions boiled over late in the second quarter in tonight’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers. He received two technical fouls for complaining loudly and say words not suitable for television. Kuester was upset about a non call on an Elton Brand pushoff. Well, one of the shootaround offenders, Tracy McGrady, thought the spectacle was pretty funny

Stay tuned, I have a feeling this story is just getting it’s legs under it.

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