Dallas Mavericks 95, Miami Heat 93 Finals Game 2: Ich bein ein Nowitzki!


The Miami Heat had the Dallas Mavericks on the ropes in game two of the NBA Finals. And had they held on it would have been the likely end of the series. Would Dallas go quietly into that good night. 2006 MVP and German national Dirk Nowitzki’s game said NEIN!! He then owned the velociraptor resembling Chris Bosh with a three and hook shot that said DAS IS SEHR GUT!

-Why do I feel that when typing German phrases I need to YELL them by typing in ALL CAPS!

-Not to sound Captain Obvious, but what an ending! Heat blow a 15 point lead to finally lose a postseason home game, Dallas UBER ALLES! Dirk went 10-22, 24 and 11, a great bounce back game. And what a huge win this game was for the city of Cleveland.

By Paul M. Banks

-Now we have a series. Welcome to the good life. The last time a NBA Finals team blew a lead like this, it was the Portland Trail Blazers versus the Chicago Bulls in 1992. I know these same two exact teams saw a 2-0 lead dissipate into a 4-2 series win in 2006, but I seriously thought it was all over, not just the game, but the series. It was the same exact feel as game three in 2006, when the Mavs had the Heat on the ropes down the stretch, failed to close the deal and just blew the whole series.

-Shawn Marion’s shot is so Khloe Kardashian. And we all know that the one word that perfectly describes Khloe Kardashian is…..the antonym of pretty.

-The Godfather of online sports journalism brilliant tweet I

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons
It’s pretty crazy that the only 2011 playoff team who wasn’t afraid of Miami was Philadelphia. It’s true.

-The Godfather of online sports journalism brilliant tweet II

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons
“Ich habe in meinen Stücken von LeBron und Wade kot!!!”

-The Godfather of online sports journalism brilliant tweet III

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons
Wade’s Eff You 3 in front of Dallas’ bench put Miami up 88-73 (7:14 left). Dallas went on a 20-2 run right after. Think he woke ’em up?
-Someone from Dallas is properly referred to as a Dallasite. Did you know that? The winning team in this series is guaranteed to call American Airlines home…ahh the age of unfettered corporatism! America does have a state imposed religion- the worship of corporate branding
-Stop using the “youth vs. experience” cliche! Stop it! And that zombies Honda commercial sucks by the way.
-Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, the patron saint of the comic sans font said his Cavs will win the NBA title before Lebron does. Is he aware of how much that is dependent on Dirk?

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