An Actual Four Team NBA Trade


Trevor Ariza hornets

Creating four team deals on ESPN’s trade machine is one of my favorite wasting time hobbies, but rarely do they actually occur in the NBA.  They are as common as characters smoking cigarettes on Mad Men. Okay, bad example.  However, the Hornets, Pacers, Nets, and Rockets have struck a four-team, five player deal that actually makes sense for each team.

By: David Kay

New Orleans Gets: G/F Trevor Ariza
Indiana Gets: PG Darren Collison, SF James Posey
New Jersey Get: PF Troy Murphy
Houston Get: SG Courtney Lee

Why this makes sense for Hornets:
With Chris Paul’s future and happiness up in the air, new general manager Dell Demps had to make a move to try and surround CP3 with more talent.  Mission accomplished.  Collison emerged last season when Paul was sidelined with injury and showed the potential of being a franchise caliber point guard, making him the Hornets best trade asset.  Acquiring Ariza adds some much needed talent and versatility to the wing for New Orleans.  He gives the Hornets a defensive stopper and athlete who excels in the open court although now New Orleans now has no back-up for Paul.

In a separate deal, the Hornets dealt crap for crap when they acquired Marco Belinelli from Toronto for Julian Wright.

Darren Collison PacersWhy this makes sense for Pacers:
Indiana has been desperately seeking a point guard of the future and finds their match in Collison.  It now appears that the Pacers are working on buying out veteran T.J. Ford who is in the final year of his deal.  Posey is pretty much a throw-in and adds even more depth to an already crowded small forward position that has Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, and Paul George.

Having to trade Murphy to get that franchise point guard leaves a bit of a hole at power forward as Indiana will now have to start Tyler Hansbrough at the four and only has Josh McRoberts as a back-up.  Murphy was in the final year of his deal though and likely would not have re-signed with Indiana next summer.

Why this makes sense for Nets:
Murphy gives New Jersey a veteran power forward who can hold down the position until Derrick Favors matures into a starter.  He also is a valuable trade asset since his almost $12 million deal comes off the books after this season.  Losing Lee means Terrence Williams likely becomes the starting two-guard with Travis Outlaw probably starting at the three.

Why this makes sense for Rockets:
Houston’s motivation for making this deal was purely financial as Lee is an obvious downgrade from Ariza.  Since the Rockets had to open up their wallets this summer to extend Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola and add Brad Miller, they were well over the luxury tax.  This deal saves them around five-million dollars this season but about ten-million total since they have less to pay in luxury tax.

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  1. jmccormick says

    I feel like now that Indiana has a point guard, they’ll probably be better sooner than expected, as long as Collison continues to develop. Just makes me more giddy for the season to start.

  2. Why trade Ariza for some scrub from NJ? Come on Houston. Houston is gonna be screwed if they make more crappy moves.

  3. paulmbanks says

    I still think the Pacers are favorties to finish at the bottom. Even below the Pitson. but you’re right, they are getting better.

    what a horrible lineup that sounds like for the Nets. Wow they really are the Jillian Michaels of the NBA offseason, “the biggest loser”

  4. Pure salary dump for Houston… but I like the moves they’ve made in the past year-plus… Pacers frontcourt is pretty bad now that they dealt Murphy though.. that’s gonna hold them back this yr

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