White Sox Trade Rumors: The latest on Jackson, Dunn, and more


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The 2010 Major League Baseball Trade Deadline is getting down to its final hours and despite other sites predicating that it would come and go quietly, the hot stove has heated up more than Bobby Jenks fastball in the last 48 hours.  Edwin Jackson, Adam Dunn, Roy Oswalt, Scott Podsednik and Adam LaRoche, are just a few of the name floating into the White Sox seas. Here’s your complete summary to date.

By Soxman

Edwin Jackson

What should come as no surprise to Sportsbank.net and Yardbarker readers, we leaked the possibility of the White Sox acquiring Edwin Jackson for Daniel Hudson two days before it was even whispered anywhere else.  Fox Sports and just about every radio show are confirming the possibility today.  Jackson would add an innings-eating starter to the rotation.  Jackson pitched a walk-filled no hitter earlier this season and like Gavin Floyd is prone to long dry spells followed by unhittable stretches.  Buyer beware downside: He’s infamous for wearing down in September.  Upside: the thrill of a postseason chase could give us the pitcher who went 13-9 with a 3.62 ERA for the Tigers last year.  Jackson has a 5.16 ERA in 2010 and is under contract through 2011.  According to the media this morning this deal is just about done.  If they only read the Sportsbank first.  ESPN 1000 is also reporting Jackson could still be used in an Adam Dunn deal as the Nationals want him.

Adam LaRoche
For nothing more than salary absorption and perhaps a mid-level prospect or two, the White Sox could also acquire left-handed hitting Adam LaRoche (also discussed here this week).  The White Sox still likely consider him an option behind Adam Dunn, who they have not given up on.  LaRoche would likely take the slot of Mark Kotsay if acquired, although optioning Dayan Viciedo back to AAA is also an option.  While Viciedo clearly has more upside, the sox might want Kotsay’s veteran presence down the stretch.  Viciedo also has several options left.

Adam Dunn
We also learned from Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman that the Nationals asked for both Hudson and Viciedo in a trade for slugger Adam Dunn.  Sportsbank readers also know that this is likely why Viciedo received two starts his week over Omar Vizquel.  GM Kenny Williams is well known for not giving up on the player he wants, but also has remain dedicated to re-building his farm system.  That asking price could be too high for a half-season rental.  The Yankees and Rays have also stepped up their interest in Dunn said to be going to “war” for his services per ESPN’s Buster Olney, which would definitely result in the White Sox stepping out of the fray.

Lance Berkman
Berkman officially became expendable and available per Ken Rosenthal of FOX sports after the Astros acquired top prospect Brett Wallace in the Roy Oswalt trade yesterday.  The Rays, Yankees, Tigers and of course White Sox could all be interested.  Of particular interest, ESPN 1000 this morning reported that Berkman listed the Chicago White Sox as his first choice to be traded to.  He has full no-trade rights as a 10-5 player.  Lance Berkman has battled through various injuries the last three seasons and is having a down-year (.245 13HR, 49 RBI, .808 OPS).  However, the thrill of a pennant chase, the possibility of winning a World Series ring, and the escape from a sinking ship in the Astros could bring back the Berkman of old.  Berkman has been one of the best hitters in baseball since the 2000 season.

Bobby Abreu and Hideki Matsui
Rumors surfaced yesterday that the Angles, who acquired Dan Haren from the Diamondbacks last week, might become sellers as they drop further out of contention in the AL West.  As Abreu was a top free agent target of GM Kenny Williams in 2009, it is easy to see how the left-handed slugger could be easily linked to the White Sox.  Abreu is hitting .253 12 HR, 56 RBI, 16 SB, .763 OPS.

Hideki Matsui worked out for the White Sox and was believed to have received a contract offer from the team prior to signing with the Angels in 2010.  He’s hitting .251, 14 HR, 55 RBI, 754 OPS thus far.

Of the two, most fans would prefer Abreu, who adds speed and defensive flexibility in addition to power.

Prince Fielder
Rumors involving the trade of Fielder have pretty much fallen off the earth.  The Scott Bora factor in signing Fielder to an extension could be a factor why teams are reluctant to give up top talent in return.  Still, at the major league trade deadline, it’s the silent players that are usually the big surprise move.  GM Doug Melvin told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he doesn’t envision the slugger being traded.

Russell Branyan
Rumors are more silent than the Fielder rumors above.  In a two-game “audition” playing against the White Sox this week, Branyan is hitting .222 in nine at bats.

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