White Sox Home Opener is Here!


In all the years I’ve been a White Sox contributor for the Sportsbank.net there has never been a season where expectations for the team has been lower as the words “new era” and “rebuilding” are frequently associated with the team.  As a matter of fact most experts and sports periodicals pick the southsiders to be among the worst teams in the game.  So in a year where there is so much negativity in terms of expectations why is the Soxman so motivated to cheer with passion and pride?

First, we have a manager who is more concerned with his player’s performance on the field than he is on creating sound bites for the media.  Through five games the White Sox have arguably fought hard through all of them and through every inning, every pitch they have played like a team.

A 3-2 road trip against the 2011 AL Champions and the re-tooled Cleveland Indians is more than likely anyone could have expected.
The biggest offensive question marks,  Adam Dunn and Alex Rios have both made positive contributions in the box score, and while there is room for growth in their offensive game, each have been seen actively discussing the game in the dugout.

Alejandro De Aza had picked right up where he left off last season hitting two homers and stealing a base in just 22 at bats and A.J. Pierzynski appears to be having fun while handling the pitching staff very well.

And about that pitching staff, Chris Sale looked like a top draft pick in his first major league start while Jake Peavy our home opener starter appears to be pitching with a competitive fire and confidence that he showed in his day with the Padres.

The bullpen looks young and recharged, and while lack of experience may hurt us from time to time, we have seen some confident power pitcher who attacks hitters in appearances by Addison Reed, Nate Jones and Hector Santiago.

While spring training and a handful of games will certainly not define Robin Ventura’s managerial career, he has shown a willingness to be creative with his line-ups, to use everyone on his roster and to juggle his batting order to give struggling hitters a chance.

Beyond all of these positive elements why am I more motivated than ever before to be the best fan I can be?  Because my good friend, Paul M. Banks is being all he can be in his brave battle against cancer.  He continues to run this great site and do everything his dreams, hopes and motivations push him to do.  What more inspiration can a fan ask for?

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