Cubs Farm Club Offering Lebron James “Ring” Night Promotion


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Like I said after the NBA Finals ended, Lebron James and the Miami Heat aren’t “lovable losers” like the Chicago Cubs. This June they were simply “losers” to the Dallas Mavericks.

And even though the Cubs are in the midst of their 103 year rebuilding plan, their single A affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs are having some fun at the self-ascribed “King’s” expense. This past year “taking my talents to South Beach” was the most overused cliche among phrases relating to an American city. Now the expression synergizes with another phrase “will it play in Peoria?” relating to an American city.

You know how much minor league teams love their silly, publicity-driven game promotions? Well, here’s a doozy.

By Paul M. Banks

The Chiefs will, according to ESPN Chicago:

hold a “LeBron James NBA Championship Replica Giveaway night”…”Replica rings” — also known as air — will be handed out by stadium workers as fans enter the park, according to Chiefs spokesman Nathan Baliva.

Throughout the game, Peoria will honor “a true champion” — the Chicago Bulls’ six NBA titles — with video clips and audio highlights, and the Chiefs will take the field to “Sirius,” the Alan Parsons Project song used by the Bulls during their player introductions.

The Chiefs said they are “looking into” whether they can skip the fourth inning — another poke at James, who scored just 18 points during the fourth quarter in six NBA Finals games.

There are numerous other little shots and digs at James planned during the evening- which was originally planned to be a Bulls title celebration. This promotion will no doubt be popular across the Midwest League, and in Cleveland of course.

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“We aren’t sure if the league will allow it,” Peoria president Rocky Vonachen said in a statement. “But if LeBron doesn’t need to show up for the fourth, maybe we won’t, either.”


  1. johhnny blaze says

    people are going to feel real stupid when the heat win it next year

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