Cubs Farm Club Offering Lebron James “Ring” Night Promotion

lebron king

Like I said after the NBA Finals ended, Lebron James and the Miami Heat aren’t “lovable losers” like the Chicago Cubs. This June they were simply “losers” to the Dallas Mavericks.

And even though the Cubs are in the midst of their 103 year rebuilding plan, their single A affiliate, the Peoria Chiefs are having some fun at the self-ascribed “King’s” expense. This past year “taking my talents to South Beach” was the most overused cliche among phrases relating to an American city. Now the expression synergizes with another phrase “will it play in Peoria?” relating to an American city.

You know how much minor league teams love their silly, publicity-driven game promotions? Well, here’s a doozy.

By Paul M. Banks

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We can Officially End the Lebron James vs. Michael Jordan Debate

Lebron James Failed: we are all Cleveland Cavaliers today (or so it seems)

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This notoriously untranslatable German word is used as a loanword in English, and it perfectly encapsulates what American NBA fans feel today after the Dallas Mavericks denied the Miami Heat the league title.

I guess it’s fitting the Finals MVP (Dirk Nowitzki) who did them in was a native of Wurzburg, Germany.

Schadenfreude is running rampant as the rest of the nation picks up the Cleveland vibe of laughing at Lebron James and celebrating his failure. After the final buzzer sounded, “Lebron James Fail” and “Miami Heat Fail” were quickly trending in the search engines.

And there’s plenty of good reason. Winning 58 games and the Eastern Conference title (as James and the Heat did) is a very successful season. But given all the world-must-revolve-around-me hoopla and preseason braggadocio leading into this season- anything short of winning it all in Miami=epic failure.

By Paul M. Banks

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