Chicago Cubs Sign Wayne Gretzky’s Kid


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The Chicago Cubs have signed Trevor Gretzky, the son of Wayne Gretzky.  The Cubs drafted The Great One’s offspring this year in the seventh round of the MLB draft.  Trevor Gretzky, a 6’4″, 190 lbs first baseman, played high school baseball last year in Thousand Oaks, CA.  By signing with the Cubs, Gretzky will no longer attend San Diego State to play baseball under Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn.  To learn more about Trevor Gretzky, click after the jump.


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Trevor Gretzky looks like he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps of making it to the big league as a teenager.  The younger Gretzky was a two sport star coming out of Oaks Christian High.  He was the starting quarterback, as well as a skilled first baseman.  Gretzky had committed to San Diego State to play for the Aztecs and Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn.  The Cubs took Gretzky in the seventh round of this year’s MLB Draft, and changed the younger Gretzky’s future plans.  By singing with Chicago, Gretzky avoided the August 15 deadline for signing draft picks, and has put his focus solely on making it to the Cubs.


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In fact, if Trevor Gretzky ends up making the Cubs roster at some point in his career, he’ll actually be the second member of his family to play on the hallowed field.  His mother, actress Janet Jones, actually filmed scenes of “A League Of Their Own” at Wrigley Field.


The Chicago Cubs may not be much to talk about on the field this season, but their draft this year has a lot of people talking.  Whether it was taking a behemoth of a pitcher, or The Great One’s child, it will be interesting to watch the Chicago Cubs’ farm system for the next few years.




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