Chicago White Sox Will Win the AL Central


For the first time in almost a month, the White Sox share first place in the American League Central with the Detroit Tigers.  Now with the most optimism a White Sox fan with ulcers from the stresses of watching his team can muster, believes: The Chicago White Sox will win the AL Central.

How is it possible that a team that can’t hit the weight of Alexei Ramirez (175 lbs.) with runners in scoring position over the last month pull this out?  Call it a hunch.  With all of the very understandable (and factual) frustrations White Sox fans over the many flaws of their team, they have consistently done one thing very well:


They have also played top teams much tougher than they have teams they should easily dominate.

Chicago had been alone in first place since Sept. 3.

After Wednesday night’s series finale, the White Sox host a four-game series against Tampa Bay and then close with three games in Cleveland.

Detroit finishes its four-game series against Kansas City on Thursday, then ends the regular season with a three-game series at Minnesota and the Royals.

For the most part, the 2012 White Sox are not a team built on the concept of manufacturing runs through singles, walks, sacrifices, etc.  It’s the big-swing or bust, as evident by our three solo homers against the Indians on Tuesday.

This has been good enough for first place.

The key to the White Sox winning the AL Central will be to remain consistent.  While their all or nothing run producing methodology has been a mainstay, their bad habits must go away as well.

Despite their September hitting swoon, they are still hitting .272 with runners in scoring position.  They need to hold true to that average.

For the most part we also saw flawless baseball and smart base running most of the season.  We haven’t seen that style of play in the last couple of weeks.

My optimistic or Soximistic outlook believes the White Sox respond when their backs are against the wall.  So its time to prove me right.

Soxman is a White Sox Super fan and multi-media journalist in Chicago. Yes that’s him in the 2005 MLB World Series DVD.

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  1. good pt abt the risp avg. and all the solo homers, it seems like every game that’s all that happens.

    great write up!

  2. With Tampa in town for 4 games and a magic number of 6 combined wins and losses, the Sux suck Chicago river water here on out. Tigers can wrap before the Tamps leave town. What does it matter, Sux lor Tigs will be eliminated in the first playoff series, that is unless the Tigs play at home and they sweep the visiting teams, which they can do. Road record is killing the Tig, the Sux have been the vultures just waiting and wishing for a total collapse of the Tigers. Which can still happen.

  3. By the way, the Sox do have some great players, they are just misssssssing something called moxie? You know, his granddad played for the Dodgers back in Brooklyn.

  4. What year is that going to happen last I checked 1.5 out – you have yukolapsis on your team lead quitter and chicken man

  5. Three Tampa Bay games left and the Sux are down to be eliminated with a magic number 5. Still alive if Tigers take gas. Not likely as Sux seem unable to beat anybody at 2-8 for the last ten games. I call it possible but not probable that Sux triumph this year. Weak Division and Detroit dominates. I recall a few years ago the Tigers went to World Series and were wiped by St Louis? Not this time. Still, they have two great pitchers and three great batters and too many errors to win run the table.

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