Minnesota Wild Prospect Granlund Scores World’s Greatest Goal (VIDEO)


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Minnesota Wild prospect Mikael Granlund scored the game winning goal for Finland today against Russia in a 3-0 victory in the semifinals of the 2011 IIHF World Championships being held in Bratislava, Slovakia.  The goal was possibly one of the greatest goals ever scored.  See the video after the jump.

Bryan Vickroy

Mikael Granlund Goal

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The highlight goal from Granlund came shortly into the second period with the game still scoreless.  After a faceoff to the right of the Russian net, Granlund stole the puck, split two defenseman, and cruised behind the net.  Granlund then pivoted, scooped the puck onto his stick like a lacrosse player, and slammed the puck beneath the crossbar.  The amazed (and throughout the entire tournament, seemingly incompetent) referees went to the video review, and declared it a goal.  Finland went on to add two more goals in the third period to cement their spot in the gold medal game against arch nemesis Sweden.

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  1. paulmbanks says


    nice find!

  2. bryanvickroy says

    even better, i watched it live!!! versus has been showing random games throughout the worlds.

  3. Mikael Granlund is going to be The Next Mikael Granlund!

    I’m so proud to be a finn! The whole team is great. Teamwork. Talent.

  4. bryanvickroy says

    I can’t wait til Granlund and Mikko team up together on the Wild

  5. rosvo roope says

    Antero Mertaranta went ballistic during his commentary and here is the Antero Mertaranta rap to prove it.


  6. bryanvickroy says

    What a Finntastic third period today for gold by Finland… Kaptain Koivu is leading a playoff run next year

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