Patrick Kane Wins Shootout Contest With Superman Homage


The NHL All-Star Game, as is the case with the rest of professional sports’ mid-season clashes, is often derided as being a meaningless exhibition that people take way too seriously, but for those fans that can appreciate the fun that the players have with it, it is actually a cool spectacle.

The SuperSkills competition, which precedes the All-Star Game that will take place tomorrow at 3pm on NBC Sports Network, is taking place tonight in Ottawa, and two Chicago Blackhawks, Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane, are taking part in the festivities.

Hossa did a decent job (ie not getting injured) in the Fastest Skater competition, and he also performed well in the Accuracy Shooting, winning his heat against Daniel Sedin. It was Kane, however, who stole the show and won the Shootout Competition with this nifty little homage to Superman:

While it may not have been factually accurate (Clark Kent did not wear glasses while in his Superman costume), it was still neat to see Kane pull the shot off, even scoring on the play. In the interview after he won, the Ottawa PA system was playing the tune “Superman” by Eminem in his honor, which may have been even cooler.

Perhaps Kane’s success in this event could translate into him being a little looser when the team embarks on their post-ASG nine game road trip. We’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. Kaner is Superman! GO HOCKS!

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