Flashback: Patrick Kane at the University of Wisconsin on Cinco De Mayo

patrick kane

Flashback to 2012: reposting in honor of Cinco De Mayo

The Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane is at it again. Or more likely, he’s been at it, but this time he’s been shutterbugged and published.  This is courtesy of Terez Owens. We have some fun pics for you. From the Terez Owens “tipster” comes this:

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2015 Winter Classic pits storied franchise vs league’s best scorer

2015 Winter Classic Logo

The 2015 Winter Classic will be hosted by the nation’s capital as the Washington Capitals face off against the Chicago Blackhawks. The New Year’s Day marquee game will be the first hosted in Washington D.C. It will be the second appearance for each team. Chicago also hosted a Stadium Series game last season.

The Winter Classic is now in it’s 7th edition, and has grown into something much larger than one game.

“I noticed today just counting up, since our first NHL outdoor telecast at Ralph Wilson Stadium, that was seven years ago there have been 110 of these games played,” said Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick, NBC’s play-by-play announcer for the Winter Classic. “Hershey Park Stadium, Red Square, nine other countries, Mexico City, and 17 of the 110 have been at Fenway Park.  It has taken on quite a life and each one of them has its own set of memories and I know this one will, too.” [Read more…]

How do Toews, Kane extensions affect the Hawks big picture?

Chicago Blackhawks forwards Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

As expected, the Chicago Blackhawks locked up their future. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane agreed to contract extensions that will last eight years and are worth a reported $10.5 million annually. The contract extensions will go into effect at the start of the 2015-16 season.

Toews and Kane were asking for as much as $12 million per season and were also reported to sign on the dotted line for $10.8 million. That being said, their extensions will make them the two highest paid players in the National Hockey League. [Read more…]

Chicago Blackhawks: 10 Years, 10 Draft Picks

patrick kane blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks are days away from hopefully adding to their already deep farm system. The 2014 NHL Entry Draft does not appear to offer a lot of high-end, “can’t-miss” talent, but offers teams that are not drafting towards the top like Chicago the opportunity to continue fortifying their depth.

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Patrick Kane snake-bitten in Sochi

Patrick Kane

Team USA is a great team because of players such as Patrick Kane. When he doesn’t score, it could lead to big problems. Team USA lost the bronze medal game to Finland Saturday. In the first four games of the tournament, the U.S. scored 20 goals. In the two games following, zero.

Patrick Kane netted a big goose egg. [Read more…]

Team USA faces toughest opponent in Canada

Team USA Hockey

Courtesy of @PumperNicholl/@TheRoyalHalf

Winning four consecutive games in the Winter Olympic hockey tournament will mean nothing if the Team USA hockey team loses Friday. A semifinal matchup against defending gold medal winning Canada awaits the red, white, and blue with a chance to play for gold on the line.

Team USA has skated four balanced lines to this point. The mix of size, speed, and physicality has helped the Americans win close games, as well as blow out inferior opponents. Canada will be the deepest team they face, even with the loss of John Tavares for the rest of the Olympics. Both teams have size and scoring depth for days, with Team USA outscoring Hockey Canada 20-13. [Read more…]

Team USA hockey preview: Prove 2010 was no fluke

Patrick Kane usa

Taking home the gold in 2010 on Canadian soil would have been sweet for Team USA. Doing so against the hometown Canadians would have been that much sweeter. A silver medal was not expected with the talent on the ice for Team USA hockey, but now is the time to show that 2010 was more legitimate than fluky.

The core remains strong for the U.S., as Zach Parise, Patrick Kane, Ryan Suter, and Ryan Miller, among others, return. One player who was expected to suit up for the Stars and Stripes, Bobby Ryan, was left off the roster. Newcomers such as Kevin Shattenkirk, Cam Fowler, and James van Reimsdyk add an infusion of youth and untapped talent that can carry teams far into the Olympic round-robin tournament in Sochi. [Read more…]

Chicago Blackhawks get it right with Kruger centering Kane

marcus kruger

Chicago Blackhawks head coach Joel Quenneville stated Thursday that Swedish-born center Marcus Kruger will get a chance to play alongside Patrick Kane and Kris Versteeg on the second line. Kruger saw time with Kane and Versteeg in a 3-2 loss to the New York Rangers Wednesday night.

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Finally, after months and months of everyone involved being morons, causing 113 days, 625 games, and the biggest outdoor hockey game in history to be cancelled, hockey fans can finally say “Game On!”  The NHL has a new 10-year labor agreement, and is set to start the shortened, 48 game 2013 season on Saturday, January 19.  Find out what you need to know about every team in the NHL for the upcoming season, this time featuring the Central Division.  Continue after the jump to find out where your team will finish.

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Let Jay Cutler Be

The way Jay shows emotions may not rub everyone the right way, but if it works for him, we need to stop giving him grief about it.

Let’s face it Chicago, we’ve been spoiled. When it comes to likable team captains and superstars, there has been no shortage lately.

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Blackhawks finally comment on Patrick Kane party photos

patrick kane

The Chicago Blackhawks finally made a public comment today on the Patrick Kane party photos that caused such an internet stir a couple weeks ago.

Shocking no one, the organization said via GM Stan Bowman, that they are disappointed, and consider these photos to be really bad publicity.

Thus ends the bizarre public silence on the matter. And by the matter I mean Kaner allowing himself to appear in public apparently passed out drunk, rolling around on the ground with college kids and sporting a t-shirt made of a photo of himself that most people would consider embarrassing.

Not #88 though.

Bowman addressed the media on conference call; discussing recent re-signings.

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Blackhawks cut off Patrick Kane access; Kaner on his way out?


Is Patrick Kane on his way out of town? Are the Chicago Blackhawks sick of his antics? The team is not answering any media requests at all regarding Kaner’s allegedly getting drunk, passing out at a bar, choking a woman, and hurling anti-Semitic slurs while getting kicked out of a party at the University of Wisconsin.

The Hawks aren’t even bothering to do damage control or enact the spin machine on this one. They won’t even allow “Kaner” to talk to the Chicago Tribune, let alone any other media outlets. Taking it further, they won’t even allow anyone from the team to even discuss Kane.

Does this mean it’s the end of the Kane era in Chicago?

The Trib’s Steve Rosenbloom believes so. He also believes the silence means the Hawks regard the 23-year-old NHL superstar as guilty of what multiple people accuse him of doing.

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