The cutting edge technology has been applied in football today


Modern and extremely accurate VAR technology/

With the development of technology today, all areas of life are affected and changed profoundly. And so is our football background. In football matches, modern and advanced technologies play a rather important role. They are especially useful for those who watch football live in front of the small screen – those who do not see the game progress on the pitch. Which technologies are they? Find out now in our article below to learn about the cutting edge technologies applied in today’s football industry. 

VAR technology 

VAR stands for ‘Video Assistant Referees’. This technology makes the referee’s decision more accurate after reviewing slow-motion images in situations of scoring, penalties, or red cards. After much controversy, FIFA finally decided to apply this technology to the 2018 World Cup.

Each football match is equipped with four video referee support systems (VAR). In particular, the replay is played on giant screens inside the stadiums.

There are four specialists in charge of VAR technology. The main expert will maintain contact with the referee and may refer the judge to a screen on the side of the pitch to check the image.

The first assistant VAR specialist is responsible for monitoring the progress of the game when the referee of the match must review a certain situation. The second assistant VAR specialist is particularly responsible for offside situations.

Before being put into official use at the 2018 World Cup, VAR technology has also been customized over the past 2 years to best respond, ‘minimize the downsides and bring maximum benefit’.

The VAR connects three different camera systems:

  • Hawk Eye: consists of 7 to 14 high-speed cameras mounted on the roof of the stadium. The Hawk Eye will forecast the ball’s movement to ensure that at least two cameras are recording. When the ball is rolled over the goal line, the referee’s clock will signal the ball has entered the net.
  • GoalControl-4D: 14 ??cameras placed on the side of the goal, track the movement of the ball, and send signals to the referee’s watch.
  • GoalRef: is an electromagnetic induction system mounted on the crossbar and vertical column of the goal, creating a magnetic field. When the ball rolls over the goal line, out of line, the chip inside the ball will sound, and the referee’s clock will also receive the signal.

Goal-line goal detection technology

Goal-line technology was used for the first time during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. From 14 high-speed cameras, seven cameras per bridge were used. All vibrating signals and text messages will be sent to the referee’s watch within one second, to indicate whether the ball has crossed the goal line or not and has obstructed the game.

Goal-line technology is quite useful technology today/

Goal-line technology was provided by German firm GoalControl. FIFA said that GoalControl has overcome the challenge of identifying exactly 68 goals scored in the League Cup held in Brazil in 2013.

Next at the 2014 World Cup, France was the first team to benefit from the new goal-line technology in the match against Honduras.

The Telstar 18 ball – the official ball integrated with smartphones during the 2018 World Cup

The official ball used in the 2018 World Cup is called Telstar 18, manufactured by Adidas. The ball is designed based on the style of the Telstar ball used in 1970.

With the combination of white as the main background and the black 6-sided motifs, Telstar 18 promises to bring inspiration for each ball phase at the football festival every four years.

In particular, the ball is integrated with an NFC microprocessor (near-range wireless connection). With this technology, users using a smartphone can interact with the ball to collect data about the ball’s speed, running speed, distance movement, or shot force of the player.

The designers at Adidas say that the Telstar 18 ‘takes football design and innovation to new heights and offers both players and buyers a whole new experience’. FIFA had hoped that the new technology applied in the Telstar 18 ball could help them solve controversial issues on the line.

New technology soluble spray (Vanishing Spray)

This season also has the appearance of a new technology dissolving spray. The spray is used to draw lines that limit a player’s position in free-kick situations, set up a fence, and lose color as soon as the situation is taken.

Revolutionary fast decomposition spray technology for world football/

According to information from the organizers, this technology product is  made by Russia, improved compared to the existing sprays. The spray bottle belt is also reinforced so as not to obstruct the referee when running from top to bottom. The spray also responds well to changing temperature conditions, with both natural and artificial turf surfaces.

Hand-held technology that supports the match

Besides, after the International Football Association (IFAB) decided to approve the proposal to apply hand-held technology to support matches, the World Football Federation (FIFA) officially authorized all 32 teams for the 2018 World Cup to receive real-time support from an analyst for the duration of a match.

‘The software and facilities that FIFA prepares for the 2018 World Cup allow all teams connected to match analysts who are close to the technical team bench’ – firm CNN quoted a FIFA spokesperson, as saying.

The statement also stated that, by providing this stable network connection, each team that chooses to use the above system is fully capable of receiving the match data and images from time to time. That makes the right decisions for the game.

The analysts of each team will be able to track every player’s movement on the field via optical cameras, then send the evaluation results to the coaches of each team. This data is sent to a tablet device, allowing the coaching staff to interact with the analysts.

In the 2014 World Cup, information from analysts only reached the coaching staff during the break or after the match.

These modern technologies, when applied to football, have received mixed opinions from football fans and experts who specialize in this field. However, no one can deny their positive impact on the quality of today’s football matches. For more football news and recent events, visit We hope that this article is entertaining and relaxing for you. 

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