VIDEO: Van Gaal SNAPS at reporter over De Gea question, ends media session



Watching Manchester United surrender a 1-0 lead and lose today, you just knew that Louis van Gaal was going to be even more surly and condescending than usual in his post game media opportunities. It also helps that a reporter, who is just doing the job he’s supposed to do, happened to ask him about the most sensitive United topic of all, the David de Gea transfer saga.

The result? Van Gaal got defensive and dismissive. Then he abruptly ended the press conference early and stormed out of the room.

Asked if he would be content to end the summer transfer window with Sergio Romero as his #1 and De Gea gone to Real Madrid, Van Gaal said:

“You think that you are smarter than I, but it is not like that. I’m sorry.”

“You are only asking about transfers and we have played a game.”

You certainly cannot blame the dutchman for being in a bad mood after this one, and not being in the mood to discuss such an extremely tense situation. Here’s the video:

Hey, we’ll have closure in just 16 hours on this situation. Spain’s transfer window closes a day earlier than Great Britain’s does. So at midnight tonight (Madrid time) if he’s still with United, then that means he’ll remain with the club (and Van Gaal) for all of 2014-15.

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