Henrikh Mkhitaryan Future Still in Doubt Admits Jose Mourinho



Nothing really seems to be settled in regards to the Manchester United career of winger Henrikh Mkhitaryan. United manager Jose Mourinho once again said that every player has a price, the very same concept that he once previously espoused when discussing the future of Mkhitaryan at United.

At the same time however, Mourinho maintains that Mkhitaryan is now a player on his side, one that he thinks very highly of, and one that will continue to get more chances for playing time.


Overall, the entire message was much more noise than signal, and it conveys that the Armenian has an uncertain future at United. There has consistently been strong speculation about his potential exit from the club in this January transfer window, but Mourinho made remarks that indicate there’s still a chance for the attacking player to earn his right to stay, potentially.

Mkhitaryan has also been linked to Arsenal, as potentially part of the deal that would bring Alexis Sanchez to United.

“My approach to players is that every player has a price, doesn’t matter who he is, doesn’t matter the level, doesn’t matter the prestige, the status, I think every player has a price,” Mourinho said.

“I’m not the kind of blind manager, blind in the sense of this player is untouchable, this player we can never sell, I think every player has a price.

“So when the transfer window is open is also open for any club that is interested in our players. Then it is up to us to make the decision yes or no, is up to us to decide what we think is the right price, but Mkhitaryan, he played the last match against Derby and probably will play the next one,” Mourinho continued.


“He is our player, he is a very good player, so he trains, he is selected and Monday he plays.”

So there you have it- Mkhitaryan will feature Monday night versus Stoke City. Come January 31 we shall see if Mourinho will still be able to refer to him as “our player.”

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