Liverpool FC Become Champions of the World


Liverpool is now undisputed champion of the world, Europe – and finally, after 30 long years of waiting, they are now champions of their own country. They have won many titles in-between, but the Premier League has always eluded them – until now. In the 2018/2019 season it was neck and neck with Manchester City all the way until they fell at the final hurdle – anyone betting on this would have got very even odds with it going right down to the wire.

However, this year they managed to secure the title way before the season ended. With fingernails being bitten by Liverpool fans  watching the game that decided it all – Chelsea v Man City, never had a game that didn’t involve Liverpool been so important to the Kop.

liverpool fc anfield

Could Chelsea do the unlikely and hand Liverpool the title even sooner? Yes, and what celebrations followed. 

You’ll Never Walk Alone

When football resumed after its forced break, it was clear that Liverpool was set to win, as they only needed two wins from the rest of their games, and that was if Man City remained undefeated on its return. Betting on Liverpool’s win? You wouldn’t really get much for your money. As it stood, they won the title on a win and a draw. They can now sit back and relax, but it won’t be for long. The 2020/21 season will be here soon, and all bets are back on. Can they keep their title, or will the bigger teams fight back?

It may be too late for fans to bet on Liverpool this season, but next season it’s up for grabs. The best thing about betting preseason is the great odds and offers you will manage to get on something still so unpredictable. You can find bookmakers even now offering great promos to use next season. Companies such as STS are leading the game right, with the current STS bonus being a very useful free bet to use on the 2020/21 winner. 

Looking Forward

So, what does next season hold for the champions? More of the same or have they reached their peak? Well, that’s anybody’s guess – and that’s why, if you try and make a bet now, then the odds will be better than ever. Obviously, the favourites to win next season’s Premier League will likely be in favour of Liverpool or Manchester City, so times like this might be good to bet on a likely outsider – and there are several in the race that could be competitive.

So, it might be worth a shot using your betting bonus on a team such as Manchester United or Chelsea, who can’t be counted out, but will get decent odds at this point. That’s the real beauty of ante post – it’s riskier but very rewarding.

What to Expect

So, what should we expect in the upcoming season?  Well, despite the last season coming to a very late finale, the new one is due to start on Saturday September 12th – so just over one month of respite. This is later than normal, but the clubs wanted a break after they rushed through the final games of 2019. Fair enough.

This will mean no proper pre-season, though, so how that will affect teams? Who knows?

It will be interesting to see how the newly promoted clubs will do – with Leeds and West Brom already earning a place in the top tier. Will they fly, like Sheffield Utd, or will they tumble, like Norwich, who are rejoining the Championship league again to start the fight again. Meanwhile, Brentford, Fulham, Cardiff and Swansea will all be fighting for the third vacant place in the Premier in the play offs.


It’s always good to look at what else could happen. Will there be any managers leaving early on? Who will be the first to go? What transfers will happen in August and January. It looks likely that Liverpool will take through their winning formula, but there’s no guarantee… could one of the big three head off to Europe? 

2021 look to be exciting, but whether it lives up to the drama of 2020, we doubt it. However, it should be packed full of surprises, unpredictability and all sorts to take a punt on.


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