Jurgen Klopp Really Proud of His Team Supporting Black Lives Matter


American media doesn’t often cover the rest of the world’s news all that extensively. However, United States current events are typically top of mind for nations outside the USA. The world is watching as Black Lives Matter protests have engulfed the entire USA and now spread worldwide.

Globally, people are seeking justice for George Floyd and that includes athletes in several different sports and multiple nations. The German Bundesliga has seen several stars show support for the  #JusticeForGeorge and #BlackLives Matter causes.

On Monday, Liverpool players knelt down in circle around midfield at Anfield for the cause, and the image was shared on social media with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Reds Manager Jurgen Klopp has said he’s “proud” of what his team did in their sociopolitical statement.

“For us, the contact with each other and Black Lives Matter is natural,” Jurgen Klopp said to Sky Sports Germany. “If you look at our team, we have players from Africa, from England.”

“It’s so natural for us that we didn’t even think about sending a message at first. Because it’s completely normal, nobody realised that we would have to say it again. But then the boys noticed it. Then they spontaneously decided to do it.”

“I have been very proud of the boys for a long time, but this was another extraordinary moment. When I saw them there and this photo was taken, I was really proud, because it is also an important message. No question about it.”

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool resume their season at Everton on June 21.

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