Gary Cahill Admits that he Wants Out of Chelsea FC in January



Chelsea, off to a perfect start, are currently top of the table in the Premier League. However, not everybody on the current roster at Stamford Bridge is doing really well right now. 32-year-old centre-back Gary Cahill has not played a minute since new manager Maurizio Sarri took the reigns from Antonio Conte at the beginning of the season.

The Englishman has been with the club since 2012, scoring 13 times in a 189 appearances. However, he thinks it’s time to move on, should his situation not change for the better. When the transfer window reopens again in January, Cahill could be looking for an escape route.

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“I don’t want to jump the gun, but as things stand at this time, probably, yes,” Gary Cahill answered when several British newspapers asked him if an exit was possible.

“I’m not a guy who is willing to accept not playing. It’s all about playing,” he continued.

“Your career’s short enough as it is. I’ve got maximum respect for everybody here at the football club, for the fans and all the players, but sometimes you have to make tough decisions to keep your career going forward.”

“As it is now, I’m not really enjoying things. Having been a big part of things for seven years and played a huge part, not just a squad player, I’m definitely finding it difficult this year to deal with that situation.”

During his time at Chelsea, Cahill has won two Premier League title, one UEFA Champions League title, one League Cup and one FA Cup.

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In other words, he’s won all four of the major competitions during his time with the Blues, and he has nothing left to accomplish in west London. Also, since his skills are obviously not being utilized, it’s time for him to go some place where he’ll be back in action.

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