Arsene Wenger Says His Team Froze with Fear in First Half vs Liverpool


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger described his team’s first half tonight as a nightmare, where his side was playing “frozen with fear.” The Gunners fell behind 1-0 to visiting Liverpool before halftime and then 2-0 shortly after the break. In classic Liverpool fashion, their lead was soon eradicated, and Arsenal would go up 3-2.

In the end though, neither side achieved all three points as the final result was a 3-3 draw, and a match that was highly entertaining to neutrals. For partisans, it was at times riveting, other times maddening.

 “We played frozen with fear and not at our level in the first half,” said Wenger of his team.

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“In the second half we played at our level. It was a thrilling game. I am frustrated at not winning but that is the type of game you want in the Premier League.”

Arsene Wenger also acknowledged the high entertainment value of this match for observers.

“More for people who love football, let’s give credit to the creative force. If you have no shots on goal the defenses look good but that is not what people want to see,” the Frenchman said.

Wenger was asked by a reporter if he should have simply ‘parked the bus’ once his team went up 3-2. He gave a very interesting response, as he pretended like he had never heard of the expression before in football.

“I don’t know what you mean by parking a bus. I don’t know who created this expression, but it has not a lot to do with football.” the Frenchman answered.

“We defended well, he continued.

“But you know with their quality going forward, they can always score a goal. I must give credit to the players because even at 2-0 we didn’t give in, and we’ve shown again great spirit to come back.”

“It’s true that I’m frustrated after 3-2 that we couldn’t keep the result. But overall, what can you say? It was a fantastic game, with quality going forward on both sides. Us more on quick combinations, them more on fantastic counter-attacking pace.

“That’s why it was always an interesting game.”

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