Alex Morgan Scores! U.S. Women Beat Canada 3-0


U.S. Women soccer won their Celebration Series Match in Portland late tonight over Canada 3-0.

Abby Wambach scored two goals and Alex Morgan netted the third in the second half as the U.S. Women’s National Team Shut out Canada.

Beginning of bigger things for Morgan?

As the youngest member of the US Women’s National Team this past World Cup, Morgan was nonetheless a key contributor. That goal she scored in the final match versus Japan made her a household name, and it might have signaled the inception of the Alex Morgan era.

She could become the (very attractive) face of the franchise and a USA legend before she even reaches age 25.

Go here for more pics of Alex Morgan

Here’s a pic of Morgan taking an ice bath!

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  1. She will be the face of the franchise when Wambach retires.

  2. To quote Wink and B. Rabbit in “8 Mile”

    “I’m taking you with me- you’re the franchise”

    “Franchise? I’M TAKING a bus to work”

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