Rejoice TCU! You’re joining the Big East, and will soon have BCS Chances



In a deal that’s great for both parties involved. TCU joined the Big East conference today. If you’ve watched ESPN College Football Gamenight this season, you’ve noticed their running gags “Big East Bound and Down” and the “ACC Wheel of Destiny” to make fun of how mediocre, or just plain the respective conferences are.

Although this move will not help the TCU Horned Frogs this season, when it comes to possibly getting into the BCS title game. At least in a couple of years, their chances of not getting screwed by the BCS will be a lot, lot smaller. Being in a power conference and playing a power conference schedule will make a huge difference. Because right now they’re not in a conference that brings anything to the table.

And this is great for the Big East, since they’re football is even worse than the ACC, which means it’s downright pathetic.

By Paul M. Banks

TCU football

Here’s the gist of it from the New York Times:

At a news conference in Fort Worth, John Marinatto, the commissioner of the Big East, announced the league would add T.C.U. in all sports for the 2012-13 season.

The move provides a jolt to the Big East in football, which has been a media piñata this season for its mediocrity. Connecticut (7-4), which lost to Temple by two touchdowns this season, is in line to take the league’s Bowl Championship Series bid if it wins at South Florida on Saturday.

“I think it’s a great day for the Big East,” Oliver Luck, the athletic director at West Virginia, said. “I think T.C.U., certainly their football program, is pretty darn strong. I’m not sure what other words describe what Gary Patterson and the administration have done.”

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