NCAA Formal Letter to Ohio State Detailing Alleged Infractions


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As you know, Jim Tressel and his Ohio State Buckeyes are some serious trouble with the NCAA. Suspensions abound and more trouble could be a-brewin’ for the perennial Big 10 and college football national power.

T0day, the college football version of the federales served them with papers.

Wanna see them? The six page official letter to OSU President Gordon Gee, the entire report of alleged infractions is made available after the jump

Here’s the link to the letter

And the comprehensive list of allegations

Lots and lots of words are blacked out everywhere- just warning you now.

The allegations are largely consistent with what the university self-reported to the NCAA on March 8, 2011, and which were widely covered in the media.

The University wasn’t cited for the most serious of institutional breaches because Tressel hid the damning information from his superiors for close to a year. tOSU has 90 days to respond to the NCAA’s request for information before their scheduled meeting with the committee on infractions, Aug. 12 in Indianapolis.

Overall, things look much worse for Tressel than it does for the program at large.

According to

In a 13-page indictment of Tressel’s behavior, the NCAA alleged that Tressel had “permitted football student-athletes to participate in intercollegiate athletics while ineligible.” It also said he “failed to deport himself … [with] honesty and integrity” and said he was lying when he filled out a compliance form in September which said he had no knowledge of any NCAA violations by any of his players.

So basically they called him extremely dishonest.

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