Is Urban Meyer Good For The Big Ten?


From the time  it was announced that Jim Tressel would be leaving Ohio State, one man had been on the minds of not just the Buckeye faithful, but all of the Big Ten:  Urban Meyer. Even as Luke Fickell took over the reins for Ohio State last season, the writing was on the wall that Fickell was there to serve as the buffer between the Tressel and Meyer eras.

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Urban Meyer’s Greatest Task at Ohio State: on the field or off of it?


The past few months have been rocky for Ohio State and Urban Meyer. Around this time last year we learned that due to a lack to player control (players selling team memorabilia in exchange for tattoos), Ohio State was forced to vacate wins from the 2010 season. Also, beloved head coach Jim Tressel, one of the schools winningest coaches, was forced to resign after knowingly withholding information about his players’ violations.

Due to the abrupt departure of Tressel, Luke Fickell took over as the interim head coach for the Buckeyes until they could find a permanent replacement (Meyer). With Fickell as a quick fix for the troubled program, Ohio State went 6-7, the first losing season for the Buckeyes since 1988.

After taking control, Urban Meyer is expected to clean up the program off the field, and lead the team back to success on the field. Which task will be toughest?

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Will Urban Meyer make an immediate Impact at Ohio State?

Urban Meyer’s recent move to Ohio State has been the cause of much speculation over the last season in the college football world. Although there has been little question as to whether the high-profile coach will succeed at OSU, many have wondered how soon Meyer will make his mark on the program.

For a team that posted a 3-5 conference record last year and is starting a second season with a second head coach after Jim Tressel, the outlook appears good for Urban and the Buckeyes. Although Ohio State is coming off of a disappointing season, Meyer is inheriting an offense with a similar system to what he ran in Florida, along with a defense that is returning nine starters.

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Indianapolis Colts have New Employee: Ex-Buckeye Leader Jim Tressel!


After resigning (later re-branded and re-packaged as “retiring”) from THE Ohio State University for lying to and not cooperating with the NCAA, Jim “The Vest” Tressel is in the NFL with the Indianapolis.

Colts coach Jim Caldwell said on a conference call with the media Friday that Tressel will be a gameday consultant this coming season. Tressel will focus on consulting on replays, which mainly means he will be getting paid to tell the staff if they should throw the challenge flag or not.

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Fickell isn’t Jim Tressel, and that’s just the way he wants it

The Sports Bank’s, Jeff Beck, reporting from day two of Big Ten Football Media Day in Chicago. 

It was late, 11 p.m. on a Friday night a week and a half after Jim Tressel had been dismissed as head coach of the Ohio State program, when an undoubtedly drained Luke Fickell worked alone in his office.  Much had transpired in that week and a half.  In the blink of an eye, the coach of the past decade was gone, the star quarterback had jumped ship for the NFL, Ohio State was plastered on the cover of Sports Illustrated for all of the wrong reasons, and questions swirled about the future of the very program that had been a pillar of stability in the Big Ten for years.  But one thing hadn’t happened.  Fickell hadn’t moved into Tressel’s old office.

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Breakdown of Potential Ohio State Head Football Coaching Candidates

Ohio state-Minnesota

The NCAA is set to determine the fate of the Ohio State football program on August 12 and while no one knows exactly how hard the Committee on Infractions will come down on the Buckeyes, it is safe to say a number of sanctions are well within the realm of possibility.  Couple the upcoming hearing with the fact that Ohio State will be headed into the 2011-2012 season without their head coach of the past decade, their former starting quarterback headed to the NFL (CFL UFL?), and their No. 1 wide receiver, running back and starting offensive tackle gone for the first five games of the season and you have what we in the biz like to call uncertainty.

By: Jeff Beck

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Buckeye Fans Lament a Week After Tressel Firing, Program Armageddon

More than a week after the Jim Tressel firing, the disappointment in Columbus caused by the situation has not subsided one bit.

The fall from grace for the former head coach was swift and painful. Only a year ago, the Buckeyes nation was basking in the glow of a Rose Bowl win and whispers of a national title contending team could be heard from coast to coast. The scarlet and gray were returning a load of starters and many in the national media pegged Ohio State to be playing for another shot at a BCS title.

Things didn’t work out that way, thanks to the Wisconsin Badgers, but they did get that SEC monkey off their back with a thrilling (although inherently corrupt) Sugar Bowl win down in New Orleans.

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Ohio State A.D. Gene Smith Discusses Jim Tressel Resignation (Video)

jim tressel

The Ohio State Buckeyes are in the midst of a NCAA investigation. Its a scandal of epic proportions, that will rock the world of not just the Big Ten but college football at large. Today brought the expected but still huge news that Coach Jim Tressel is stepping down.

This prompted OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith to give a statement to the media. But this is no PR flak hand-crafted letter. He talked directly via video. His YouTube statement is embedded below.

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Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel resigns


The Ohio State University announced today via a press release that it has accepted the resignation of head football coach Jim Tressel.  Tressel who went 106-22 in his 10 years at the helm fought back tears this morning as he told his players he was stepping down, according to Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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OSU Spring Game Showcases Quarterbacks and Receiving Corps

osu logo

Amidst all the attention focused on Jim Tressel and his recruiting violations, Ohio State hosted its annual spring game Saturday at Ohio Stadium. Despite using “utilized unique scoring methods,” which awards points for the defense, the Scarlet (offense) still beat the Gray (defense) 59-27 in a blowout.

By: Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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NCAA Formal Letter to Ohio State Detailing Alleged Infractions

jim tressel

As you know, Jim Tressel and his Ohio State Buckeyes are some serious trouble with the NCAA. Suspensions abound and more trouble could be a-brewin’ for the perennial Big 10 and college football national power.

T0day, the college football version of the federales served them with papers.

Wanna see them? The six page official letter to OSU President Gordon Gee, the entire report of alleged infractions is made available after the jump

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Ohio State Football Spring Game: Your Essential Guide


The Ohio State spring scrimmage commences this Saturday as the Jesse Owens Spring Game will be held at Ohio Stadium. So for one day at least, media coverage surrounding the Buckeyes program will not center on Jim Tresssel and corruption.

And enjoy it, OSU fans because you know more bad news, and worse times are ahead when it comes to off-the-field issues for Tressel and the program.

Saturday’s college football action will be in an offense-vs.-defense format, with both units battling for the right to wear the scarlet jerseys (first string) for August practice. Those are the stakes. And don’t expect to see much of the star players who are suspended by the way.

By Paul M. Banks

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