Braxton Miller could have Antwaan Randle El type NFL career


When Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller switched positions, many media members portrayed the decision as a selfless act by an individual placing team needs above his own. That’s a half-truth. Miller has no NFL future as a QB. He does have a lot of pro potential as a wide receiver though. So the situation is actually a win-win for Braxton Miller, for both his individual, and his team goals.

Take the case of former Indiana quarterback Antwaan Randle El? Like Miller, he wasn’t tall enough to play quarterback in the NFL, so Randle El moved to receiver where he had a very fine pro career. He especially excelled on special teams. Braxton Miller is dynamic like Randle El, but he has more size.

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Michigan State Rose Bowl flashback and history


With Michigan State’s victory over Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game, the Spartans clinched a berth in the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1988; a game MSU won 20-17 over USC. For the Big Ten, it meant only it’s third Rose Bowl victory in the last 15 years; going 2-12 from 1974 to 1987.

The years that followed, however, the Big Ten experienced a great amount of success from 1989-2000 going 8-4 over the Pac-10 (now 12) in the Rose Bowl.

Now the Big Ten, not just Michigan State, is praying for history to repeat itself.

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Brady Hoke: how warm is his seat getting?


With Michigan’s recent loss to Iowa, there have been talks about Brady Hoke and others on his staff being on the hot seat. A 7-4 record is not where Michigan was expected to be going into the Ohio State game, but 7-4 is no reason to make any rash decisions.

More people are calling for the head of Al Borges than they are for the scalp of Brady Hoke. But that doesn’t mean Brady Hoke isn’t feeling intense heat right now.

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Big Ten Week 1 Review: Purdue is terrible, PSU finds a QB, Nebraska D = AWFUL


Every Big Ten team has a game in the books now. Here’s what we learned.

We knew Purdue and new coach Darrell Hazell had work to do coming into the 2013 season but— wow. Rob Henry and the Boilermaker offense had nothing, and their defense had even less, in their 42-7 loss to Cincinnati.

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Ohio State CB Bradley Roby will possibly be suspended

Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby will have a short leash according to Urban Meyer. And a suspension is likely. Roby, a junior who was an afterthought recruit from the same high school as former Buckeyes DL Cameron Heyward, was arrested in Bloomington, Indiana on July 21st and faces preliminary charges of battery resulting in bodily injury.

He was “asked to leave the bar after a disturbance, refused, and was subdued by bouncers at the bar before being taken into custody.”

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Ohio State’s Deshaun Thomas wishes more people followed sports that no one cares about


Update: Deshaun Thomas will forgo his senior season and enter the NBA Draft

Ohio State forward and Big Ten leading scorer Deshaun Thomas wrote a letter to the editor of THE Ohio State University student paper The Lantern this week wishing that Buckeyes everywhere would care much more about the sports that NO ONE CARES about. Specifically, the non-revenue producing sports.

Deshaun Thomas wrote:

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Ohio State: Evil Empire of the Big Ten Tournament


It’s official, with a 50-43 win over the Wisconsin Badgers in the Big Ten title game, the Ohio State University has now become the Evil Empire of the Big Ten Tourney. I’ve been covering the Big Ten Tournament for four years, and Ohio State has been in the tourney final game each time. Actually, they’ve gone to 5 straight title games and 8 overall. The tournament has only been in existence since 1998. Ohio State head coach That Matta has the Big Ten Tournament’s highest winning percentage and second most wins behind Tom Izzo of Michigan State.

In other words, they’re the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Notre Dame, Duke Blue Devils of the BTT. They’ve become the “anyone but them” team for fans of other Big Ten teams. Which is a huge compliment. You have to be very successful to be hated. You have to be highly relevant in order to generate a backlash.

If you’ve been to a Big Ten Tournament recently, then the Ohio State marching band’s “Battle Cry” and “Hang on Sloopy” have become as overplayed as “Gangnam Style” and “Harlem Shake.”

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New era of Michigan-Ohio State Domination?


Michigan-Ohio State has always been “The Game.” OSU and UM have always been the big boys of the Big Ten. But are we approaching a new era of extremely clear-cut domination on the college football gridiron between the Wolverines and Buckeyes?

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College Football Coaches That Earned Their Check: Or Not

nick saban

Another college football season has come and gone. And with another season in the books, schools are hiring and firing coaches based on their team’s performance. Here, we are taking the highest paid coaches in college football and comparing their performance to their annual salary. [Read more…]

Is The NCAA Basketball Champion in The Big Ten?


If there is a time for the Big Ten to exert their dominance in basketball, this is it! The conference has just suffered another poor football season, has been hit by scandal, and its teams continue to lose bowl games (2-5 in bowls this season). It is time for Big Ten basketball to rise to new heights; it’s time for the Big Ten to produce a national champion.

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Cincinnati Bengals stadium to host Ohio St spring game


The 2013 Ohio State Spring football Game will be played April 13 in Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium, officials from the Ohio State Department of Athletics, Cincinnati Bengals and Hamilton County announced today.

As you well know, people in central Ohio have no life, so this scrimmage, this opportunity to see third-stringers battle one another routinely draws 80-90,000 people; reflecting the dysfunctional dependency that people there have for college football. They’re even willing to pay for this because they have nothing else going on in their lives.

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Big Ten Football Season in Review

At the beginning of the season we gave a quarterly review of the performance of each Big Ten team and graded them based on how they did compared to pre-season expectations. As the season progressed, so did the quarterly reviews. About a month ago, we gave our third quarter review. Now, with the regular season over, we conclude the series with our season in review.  Each school’s grade is based on its overall / conference record, and how the team improved or declined throughout the season based on their expectations.

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