Brady Hoke: how warm is his seat getting?



With Michigan’s recent loss to Iowa, there have been talks about Brady Hoke and others on his staff being on the hot seat. A 7-4 record is not where Michigan was expected to be going into the Ohio State game, but 7-4 is no reason to make any rash decisions.

More people are calling for the head of Al Borges than they are for the scalp of Brady Hoke. But that doesn’t mean Brady Hoke isn’t feeling intense heat right now.


Rash decisions led to Michigan firing a perfectly fine coach in Lloyd Carr just because he didn’t beat Ohio State enough. Further rash decisions led to them hiring Rich Rodriguez who had an entirely different offensive scheme which led Michigan Football on the path of reinventing itself. Then, they decided to fire Rich Rod because he did not win quickly.

Brady Hoke, on the other hand, did win quickly. Overachieving with an 11-2 record in his first season at the helm. And some people mistook that for meaning that he immediately fixed the program. Establishing a true winning program takes years to establish.

Brady Hoke is well on his way of bringing Michigan back to where they were, but he is obviously a year or two away from that. He has to be given the opportunities to continue to grow the program without having to look over his shoulder.

Last year, a five loss season was much less than what was expected of this team. However, three of those five losses came to teams with a combined record of 38-1. In 2013, year, three of the four losses have been for a combined total of ten points. Then there are the really ugly wins, but that’s another story for another time.

The point is, even if Michigan loses to Ohio State on Saturday it’s okay; there’s no reason to make a serious coaching change. And if Michigan upsets their hated rival on Saturday, it does not mean all the struggles are then over either. It’s time for some “Michigan Men” to calm down and accept the fact that it takes time to bring a program back to the level Michigan is accustomed to.

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  1. Lloyd car was not fired

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