Former Notre Dame Coordinator, Wolverines Star Corwin Brown Hospitalized after Shooting Himself


Corwin Brown played in the NFL for 8 years (Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New York Jets) since then he’s had coaching stints at the University of Virginia, as defensive backs coach for the Patriots, and as Charlie Weiss D-Coordinator at Notre Dame before the Brian Kelly regime took over the Fighting Irish.

Brown did his college football for the Wolverines at the University of Michigan. In short, he’s made quite an impact on the game of football with the most prestigious of programs. But tonight he’s making news within in sports media outlets for very different reasons.

Brown’s Granger, Indiana home, about 10 miles from the ND campus in South Bend was the site of a stand-off with police, firemen and emergency response personnel.

Brown is currently hospitalized after shooting himself; no more is known at this time as to whether or not the injuries are life threatening. His wife and kids were involved in the dramatic scene, articulated further by

No one else is his family appears seriously injured. From ESPN:

Police said Brown, who was a tri-captain of the Michigan football team in 1992, asked to talk to several friends during the standoff. Shortly before it ended, someone could be heard saying through the bullhorn: “Be a Michigan man today. Step up to your obligation.”

Several seconds later the person said: “Please don’t let me down. Please!”

Moments later a fire truck and ambulance rushed to the front of the house. The ambulance left moments later.

Police would not identify the person who had been talking to Brown

The “Michigan Man” moment just goes to further my case that football really is an all-encompassing, life altering game. At such a critical point in this man’s life, the unidentified person knew to try and appeal to Brown’s sense of loyalties to the game and the program in order to reach him.

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