The most-watched sports in the world right now 


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As an all-around entertainment package, watching sport is one of the biggest and best options for the world’s population. Fans regularly tune in to watch Champions League matches and attend live match-ups in the UFC, with sport arguably more accessible than ever before. In fact, people are able to follow the events as they unfold using more devices than previously, with some turning to sophisticated smart televisions to keep tabs on the rugby scores, while others use the powerful miniature mobile phones we all own to stream live basketball games. 

Sports fans are fanatical, too, following their clubs through thick and thin and staying loyal to fighters even when they are knocked out in devastating fashion in front of a home crowd. All things considered, sports fans are the most loyal customers on the planet. On the whole, they’re a passionate community also, protesting when their beloved football clubs aren’t being well-run and campaigning against racism and homophobia, which has sadly hogged the limelight in recent times. On top of this, fans don’t shy away from testing their sporting know-how either, perhaps by trying sports quizzes or through popular season-long products like the Official Fantasy Premier League 2021/22. Put simply, the world loves sport, and sport plays an integral role in our society. In terms of viewership, though, what are the most popular sports in the world right now? Let’s take a look at the main contenders below. 


Soccer, or football as it’s known as in most parts of the world, is said to be followed by half of the planet’s population, which is an estimated 3.5 billion people. As such, there is no doubting that it is the most popular sport on the planet. Additionally, over 250 million of us actively play the sport too, therefore expanding its overall appeal and turning more people into lovers of the beautiful game. After all, football does indeed cross boundaries and bring people together, perhaps even more so than most other sports. This is proven by an array of sports charities around the world who are using the sport – and others – to change lives. In terms of soccer, it’s also the most popular sport in large continents like Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Given the global appeal of competitions like the Premier League and the World Cup, soccer’s community will only grow further. 


Cricket might not necessarily be the most action-packed, fast-paced sport on the planet, but it doesn’t stop around 2.5 billion people from watching it. Although cricket hasn’t been adopted by a North American audience on the whole, it is huge in countries like India, Pakistan, and Australia, alongside a whole host of British colonies. For example, the Cricket World Cup regularly draws in over 200 million viewers from every corner of the globe and remains a go-to option for many sports lovers. 


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With an estimated 2.4 billion people tuning in to watch basketball on a regular basis, this relatively modern sport, which came to life in the late 19th century, has grown exponentially. Huge stars like Michael Jordan certainly played their part in the sport’s rise, particularly in markets such as the USA, Canada and Japan. Given its end-to-end action and immense skill, basketball’s offering is mightily impressive. 


Yet another hugely popular sport, particularly in North America, hockey is said to have around 2.2 billion fans who follow the chaotic action on a weekly basis. Both ice and field hockey do differ, but together both pull in huge audiences from countries such as Pakistan, India, the US, Canada, Japan, and China. Like basketball, the fast-paced action the game of hockey tends to offer is marketable in many different climates. 

The other most watched sports in the world right now are tennis (1 billion fans), volleyball (900 million fans), table tennis (850 million fans), baseball (500 million fans), and American football (410 million fans). 


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