College Football Coaches That Earned Their Check: Or Not


nick saban

Another college football season has come and gone. And with another season in the books, schools are hiring and firing coaches based on their team’s performance. Here, we are taking the highest paid coaches in college football and comparing their performance to their annual salary.

Nick Saban, Alabama, SEC, $5,476,738

Nick Saban has 63 wins in six seasons at Alabama. He has just led Bama to their third National Championship in four seasons! If anybody has earned every cent that a school has decided to give them, it’s Nick Saban.

Mack Brown, Texas, Big 12, $5,353,750

The past three seasons, Brown hasn’t earned a dime of that money. That 5.3 is due to his 101 wins from 2001-09. A 9-4 record is not bad by any means…but if you’re making that type of money at a football program like Texas, you better get at least ten wins a season.

Bob Stoops, Oklahoma, Big 12, $4,550,000

If we’re judging whether or not he deserves this large amount based on his team’s performance in the Cotton Bowl, no way…but ten wins in 2012 marked the 11th season in 14 where the Sooners have had at least ten wins under Stoops. This season…I’d dock him a million. If you’re making over 4 million, you better make it to a BCS game and win it every season.

Urban Meyer, Ohio State, Big Ten, $4,300,000

In his first season he took a team that was riddled by scandal and violations to a 12-0 record. With the talent that OSU has, a 12-0 record is not surprising. And that’s 12 wins in 2012 compared to a 6-7 record in 2011.  Also, one of those wins came against Michigan. Many OSU fans would say that alone is worth his salary.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa, Big Ten, $3,835,00

Ferentz is the fifth highest paid coach in college football and the Hawkeyes had a 4-8 record in 2012. Do you think he earned his 3.8? Leading Iowa to an Orange Bowl victory with 11 wins in 2009 was nice, but the Hawkeyes have not had nine wins in a season since. With only four wins this season, the coach averaged nearly one million dollars a game. Iowa may not have been winners this season, but Ferentz was.


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