Badgers’ All-American Rips Marquette, Team that Just Beat Him, on Twitter



Wisconsin Badgers point guard Jordan Taylor is a pre-season All-American. A favorite for the Cousy Award (best national point guard) he’s among the most decorated seniors in all of college basketball. But he didn’t exactly act the part on Twitter yesterday.

His team suffered a rare home loss; at the hands of the Marquette Golden Eagles. Check out Taylor’s sour grapes Twitter hashtag

@JMTaylor11 #afterdarktweets you know I love Minnesota… But ain’t no support like Wisconsin support. #roses #marquettestillaintshit

Hey hey, this is a SFW site. Watch that NSFW language. Pretty bold for someone who just got housed. And who really didn’t do his part-

He had an uncharacteristic five turnovers and found himself strapped to the bench with fouls, picking up his 2nd with 4 minutes left in the 1st half, the 4th foul with 13 minutes left. He’s also really struggled with shooting this year.

Taylor eventually deleted the tweet today.  And offered this “kind of apology” to his following:

didn’t know I had so many Marquette followers. They obviously got a good team. just glad their fball team won and tryin to have some fun ha

he then turned his “vitriol” towards Disney characters. Going after a very different target. Taylor tweeted today:

Scrooge mcduck is so dumb. Thank goodness for huey duey and Louie

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