2012 NFL Mock Draft: 10-6-11

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  1. Bengals take a WR rd. 1 two years in a row?? No way, Jose.

    I think the Bucs need a RT but the brass is very happy w/ both the ones they have. Tampa will go CB IMO.

    Congrats on pushing Blackmon down the list!! Not a deep threat!

  2. No way the 99ers takes Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame at 12. They have other glaring needs and are set at middle linebacker. I would be thrilled if the Eagles took a middle linebacker with their first pick as they don’t seem to value that position very highly. I would prefer Te’o over Kuechly and Bufict, but any of these would be a great help to a team which is terribly soft up the middle. They should use their next picks to get a bone crushing free safety and a some O-line depth.

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