Illini fan base keeps enduring new and more painful lows

It never ends.
It just keeps getting worse.
Until the next one happens.
This Tweet pretty much encapsulates what being an Illini basketball and Illini football fan entails these days.

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Hard to imagine Darius Paul ever plays for the Illini


Darius Paul, little brother of former Illini great Brandon Paul, has been suspended from the Illini basketball program and sent home from the the team’s European tour. Given that he was already suspended once, for the entire 2014-15 season, it’s hard to envision him coming back again.

The story of Darius Paul is still being told, but you can obviously see where this is going- the same exact route as Aaron Cosby. Once we heard Illini Coach John Groce publicly reveal that Cosby’s future with the program was in doubt, we all knew that the Seton Hall transfer wasn’t coming back.  [Read more…]

AUDIO: a really sad Tim Beckman, Illinois football anecdote


Illinois football Coach Tim Beckman had a very rough time at Big Ten Media Day, and the week was yet another example of how these are extremely lean times in Illini athletics. And here’s yet another anecdote, from the night BEFORE Big Ten Media Day which is perfectly emblematic of what’s happened to the Illini football program under Tim Beckman and Athletic Director Mike Thomas.

It comes from former Nebraska Cornhuskers football player and morning host on KOZN Omaha, Damon Benning.

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Infamous Illini football Playboy Mansion story: fact or fiction?


This legendary tale we’re about to examine is either  a.) the worst kept secret in Illini football history or

b.) the biggest lie ever told in the history of the program

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Tim Beckman hasn’t been fired by now; what would it take?


It’s going to take something truly drastic to uproot Tim Beckman from his position as Illini football Head Coach before this upcoming season ends. Yet another new low came during his appearance at Big Ten Media Day this past Thursday. (We’ll cover, in detail, why this is the new lowest of lows for Beckman in a bit). However, no matter what you think of Beckman, he’s not going anywhere; at least not any time soon.

You need to accept that he’s staying in control until one of three major developments occurs.

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Ex Illini QB Jack Trudeau crapped himself; threatened to kill police officer

jack trudeau

If you thought Tim Beckman’s appearance on dais at Big Ten Media Day was a disgrace to Illini football, get a load of what Jack Trudeau, the starting quarterback of the 1984 Rose Bowl team has been up to this week.

Sure, Beckman was speaking publicly for the first time since allegations of abuse were made public, had the perfect platform to get his side of the story out there (at least what he can legally say at this point), beautifully set up his audience by indicating that he had a big announcement to make, and then delivered nothing but marketing drivel and coachspeak buzzwords.

Hey that’s still nothing compared to what Jack Trudeau did last week. What ol’ #10 did was much much worse.

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Tim Beckman unveils the 2015 Illini football version of “W.I.N.T.”


On Thursday, Illini football coach Tim Beckman spoke publicly for the first time since allegations of abuse were made public. He had the perfect platform to get his side of the story out there (or at least display some professionalism by saying the legal proceedings prohibit him from commenting).

He set up his audience by indicating that he had a big announcement to make. Beckman even made a dramatic pause. But he delivered nothing but marketing drivel and coachspeak buzzwords. All he did was introduce a new acronym catch-phrase/motivational mantra for his program.

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Tim Beckman coverage today was essentially pointless


It’s understandable if you’ve grown weary of the Tim Beckman abuse allegations narrative. Since May, publicity for this scandal has been as pervasive as the trailer for the Amy Schumer film “Trainwreck” or Caitlyn Jenner hot takes. As far as Big Ten football story lines, it’s more overplayed than Pharrell’s “Happy.”

Yet, we have no more closure today than we did when this scandal broke back in early May. There was an intense media grilling of Beckman this afternoon when took to the podium at Big Ten Media Day. And that grilling accomplished nothing as Beckman either

a.) completely dodged the questions or

b.) gave canned responses, platitudes, cliches and other assorted coachspeak

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Illini basketball have more serious issues beyond Abrams’ absence


It is not the fault of Illini basketball Coach John Groce that senior point guard Tracy Abrams has sort of become the Big Ten version of Derrick Rose. (Or maybe an Illinois version of Robbie Hummel; when it comes to being snake bit by injuries, but not in terms of talent).

It is the fault of John Groce that he has no other options beyond Abrams. 

Yesterday’s news is devastating for Abrams, the Illini basketball program, and those connected to the program. Abrams appears to be an all round good guy, on and off the court, and his valuable presence will truly be missed.

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Illini G Tracy Abrams out for season; AGAIN


This article is not a repeat of last season. When you hear Tracy Abrams is out for the year with an injury, you might flashback to last season. That’s understandable how last summer it was a torn ACL that knocked Abrams out for the season. This year, it’s a torn left Achilles tendon.

The school just confirmed as such in a news release.

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Illini Football: Never Too Early Season Preview

illini football

Illini football season may be a couple of months away, but there’s no time like the present to start discussing it. It’s been as tumultuous as possible this summer, as everyone involved in the Illini football community has grown weary of discussing off-the-field issues.

We all need closure on the pending investigation of Tim Beckman, but that’s not going to happen any time soon. If these allegations against him are true, it’s time for the accusers to produce the proverbial “smoking gun.” If so, then the school can take action and we can all move on before football season begins.

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Illini Athletics needs a total and immediate house cleaning

illini football

Yesterday, CNN aired a “report” on Illini athletics that was universally ripped by both University of Illinois sports fans and Illini sports journalists.

That ripping was well deserved.

“The Lead with Jake Tapper” accomplished nothing but a regurgitation of what the Daily Illini published weeks ago and the theft of time away from our lives. Their segment was a pointless exercise that added nothing worthwhile to the discussion.

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