#3 Michigan Football Game Preview vs Illinois Fighting Illini

giant tire detroit

Ah, the depth chart mind games! It’s a staple of every football coach. Chip Kelly, during his Philadelphia Eagles days, even once said that he lets a Media Relations staffer make his for him. Depth chart obfuscation is all part of the Art of War that is football, and no one takes that to heart more than Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh.

He doesn’t release his to the public; ever.

Remember Michigan football is a submarine after all. This week, Illini football Coach Lovie Smith refrained from releasing one either.

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Lovie Smith CHEWS OUT Illini Reporter over Penalties Query

lovie smith
These are the kinds of things that happen when a season is lost.
Or when you inexplicably lose at home, as ten point favorites, to Purdue, the laughing stock of the Big Ten. Or both at the same time. Tensions mount and fingers get pointed. We’re about halfway through the debut season of Lovie Smith, and thus far, it’s been a bit disastrous.

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Maria Kanellis was “Fired” by Donald Trump for “Locker Room Talk”


Maria Kanellis, a wrestler, actress, singer, topless model and valet, was once “fired” by Donald Trump for “locker room talk.” This occurred in 2010 on the NBC reality series “The Apprentice,” and this exchange yet again proves what a total hypocrite Trump is.

The Daily Show re-aired the footage last night.

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Illini Football Hits New Low; Preseason Excitement Erodes


Losing at home to the lowly Purdue Boilermakers.

This is 2016 Illinois Fighting Illini football.

Yep; the Illini were a double digit favorite today and they still lost 34-31 in overtime. They essentially committed time burglary against their fan base in this one.

That base witnessed a huge step back for their program on Saturday October 8th, 2016.

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Illini Football Game Preview: vs Purdue Boilermakers


What a difference a week or two can make for the mood Illini football fans. The season began with ebullient enthusiasm. As opening day approached, and with a 52-3 favorable result over Kent State, the mood was like listening to Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September.” (or the Phats & Small September ’99 remix for my younger readers).

After a thorough demolishing at the hands of MAC foe Western Michigan in week three, the mood then became more Green Day “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

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Illini Football: $132m Stadium Upgrades a True Game-Changer


In week two versus North Carolina, you saw the potential for what Illini football can be; at least for the first three quarters. That evening, Illinois played a prime time game against the Tar Heels which sold out Memorial Stadium for the first time since 2011. It was the first non-conference sellout since 1987.

The Illini hing with the Heels for three and a half quarters reminding us that the Illini football product still has a very long way to go. However, the infrastructure, and the off-the-field needs are already filling in nicely.

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Illini Football Game Preview vs #15 Nebraska Cornhuskers


Nebraska football fans suffered mightily last season, but the football gods seem to be rewarding their indefatigable faith this season. Yes, Husker fans had their heart ripped out on numerous occasions last season, but they still went to a bowl game and finished with a record that can be classified as mediocre.


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Lovie Smith, Dwyane Wade Encourage Athlete Social Activism

Illini Football: Complete Quarterbacking History 1980-Wes Lunt

wes lunt

At no previous point during his Illini football career has quarterback Wes Lunt looked as “off” as he’s looked in 2016.

The home loss to North Carolina may have been the poorest game of his collegiate career. The following week against Western Michigan, the only time he led the offense to the end zone, against a very mediocre MAC defense, was via a goofy gadget play.

While Lunt is a great kid off the field, with big plans for life after football, he’s just not performing up to expectations.

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Former Bears, Illini Coach Ron Turner FIRED by FIU


In The Great Gatsby, narrator Nick Carraway describes the main character, Jay Gatbsy, early on in the story as possessing “a romantic readiness such as I have never found in any other person and which it is not likely I shall ever find again.”

Sub “romantic readiness” for “obsession with full back screen passes” and you have football coach Ron Turner.

Make that now on-the-market football coach Ron Turner.

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Rick Neuheisel on Infamous Illini Rose Bowl Playboy Mansion Party Tale


Rick Neuheisel somehow already knew where we were going with our question. We didn’t need to mention the infamous urban legend, because he brought it up first, without being unprompted. Kudos to the former UCLA quarterback and current CBS Sports College Football Analyst for knowing exactly what we were truly asking about.

You’ve heard the narrative:

the 1983 Illini, 10-1 and ranked #5, heavily favored over an unranked 6-4-1 UCLA team, partied too hard at the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner the night before the 1984 Rose Bowl, and that’s why the team was obliterated 45-9 by the underdog Bruins.

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Infamous Illini Football Playboy Mansion Story: Fact or Fiction?

jack trudeau illini football

This legendary Playboy mansion tale we’re about to re-examine again is either  a.) the worst kept secret in Illini football history or

b.) the biggest lie ever told in the history of the program

This “urban legend” from 32 years ago is the perfect topic of discussion for a bye week, and especially during a bye week of a season that looks and feels rather gloomy. If you want a brutally honest assessment of what’s ahead this year, and the dark times in store for 2017, I suggest you check out this offering from the Champaign Room; SB Nation’s Illini community. 

jack trudeau

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