South Carolina Gamecocks recruit MISQUOTED by terrible journalist



Time to issue a retraction/correction on the negative PR brought upon the Steve Spurrier led South Carolina Gamecocks this week. On behalf of The Sports Bank, Yahoo, Fox Sports, Lost Lettermen etc etc. All of us were duped by Palmetto Sports, which I myself will NEVER link or quote again. Apparently Palmetto Sports can’t handle the simple task of getting a basic quotation correct. So leave me alone South Carolina Gamecocks fans.

Go voice your criticism at Palmetto Sports because they’re the ones who screwed this up. I’m making my apology now.

Arden Key, a junior defensive end from Lithonia (Ga.) High, chose the South Carolina Gamecocks for a few reasons.

“The academic part, it’s like you have to try to fail,” Key told Palmetto Sports.

From Yahoo:

The ‘they’ in this case is clearly the University of South Carolina, and more particularly, the school’s multi-million dollar Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center.

Prep Rally noted that there was a possibility that Key was referring to “The Dodie” the entire time. That’s certainly a more legitimate point for Key to support, even if it does in turn raise questions about athletes and their own commitment to academics relative to the general student body.

As it turns out, Key may in fact be quite committed to academics. Earlier Tuesday, the 247 writer who initially posted a story about Key’s commitment tweeted out an additional quote, from an interview article he wrote shortly after Key’s initial visit to Columbia.

“I liked the academic center,” Key told 247 Sports’ Wes Mitchell. “The academic center makes you want to study.”

We apologize to Arden Key and the South Carolina Gamecocks. And Palmetto Sports, you suck.

I believe that calls for a rousing rendition of the South Carolina Gamecocks fight song:

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  1. Obama follows you huh. The biggest criminal, lying, blame someone else president this country has ever had. Enough said MORON.

  2. jgamecock says:

    This was very trashy article. Now the people who misquoted him have backed off of their comments which makes the rest of you look stupid. In the end the Gamecocks and Arden Key win and you lose. #douchelord

  3. He was referring to the academic support and tutoring programs at the University which aid student athletes who spend countless ours training and practicing as well as studying. He was also probably impressed with the new, state-of-the-art academic enrichment center in the athletic village. You journalist these days need to do more research before printing articles. Just another SEC hater I guess!

  4. What a complete and ignorant douche.

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