Lolo Jones made some courageous and interesting bracket picks



Lolo Jones is a little bit…well,  whoever nicknamed her “Coco Loco” is kind of a genius. The hurdler/sprinter and America’s second most famous virgin (Tim Tebow is number one) is constantly making headlines for saying and doing controversial things.

“Coco Loco” sounds like a drink you could possibly order on a cruise ship off the coast of St. Thomas, but it’s also a phrase that comes to mind when you look at Lolo’s bracket picks for the 2014 NCAA Tournament.


Who knows maybe Lolo Jones will prove us all wrong and take that $1 billion for the perfect bracket from Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans? Lolo Jones might be crazy like a fox when it’s all said and done.

Take a look at Jones’ bracket picks here. Mercer and Stephen F Austin in the Sweet 16! Oklahoma in the Final Four. New Mexico in the Elite 8. Although in the end, it’s a more chalky bracket, as she has Florida over Wichita State in the national title game.

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