Let Jay Cutler Be

The way Jay shows emotions may not rub everyone the right way, but if it works for him, we need to stop giving him grief about it.

Let’s face it Chicago, we’ve been spoiled. When it comes to likable team captains and superstars, there has been no shortage lately.

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MLB Advanced Media BLUNDERS in “breaking” Braves-Cubs Dempster non-trade


This is what happens when you over-centralize your power and resources. When you make a blunder, you being the so-called authority, the fallout is magnified.

MLB Advanced Media (perhaps the greatest Orwellian doublespeak that you’ll ever hear) is Major League Baseball’s subsidiary which seeks to control and monopolize baseball related web content. It’s the reason bloggers and websites don’t get media credentials.

Believe it or not, I’ve read the media portion of the collective bargaining agreement and there are provisions in it for television, newspaper and radio; none for the internet. That’s because access for web outlets is restricted to simply MLB’s so-called “Advanced” division. Although they’re actually pretty regressive as it took them years to figure out how allowing embedding of video is actually a good idea, not a bad one.

Yesterday they dropped the ball big time in “breaking” a trade between the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves that never happened.

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Chicago Cubs activate Ryan Dempster


The Chicago Cubs today activated right-handed pitcher Ryan Dempster from the 15-day disabled list.  To make room for Dempster on the roster, right-handed pitcher Chris Volstad has been optioned to Triple-A.

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Theo Epstein Talks at Winter Meetings, Reveals Plans for Cubs

In what historically is a fun event for fans of trades and free agent signings, the Winter Meetings are taking place next week in Dallas, Texas, and GM’s of various teams are already starting to talk to the media. Theo Epstein, the Cubs’ new President of Baseball Operations, took some time to talk to ESPN.com’s Bruce Levine on Thursday, and he had some interesting comments for the noted baseball scribe.

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These Chicago Cubs are not your Dad’s Chicago Cubs

It is Friday, so it is time for me to get a little nutty, hopefully funny, and somewhat lovey … dovey.

Unfortunately, there is really nothing to talk about as it relates to the Cubs. It has been a very quiet offseason thus far with basically nothing happening.

So, I am really at a loss of what to write. Or, I guess just go on and throw it all out there, so let’s get at it.

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The Chicago Cubs didn’t lose yesterday!!


Hey, everybody, the Cubs didn’t lose yesterday! That is right. They didn’t lose yesterday. Man, what a great feeling.

Yep, that is what this season has become. I am happy because they couldn’t lose. That is awful. But we move forward because that is what Cubs fans do.

And what is the treat we get for moving forward? The Cubs get to play three straight games against the only team that is actually worse than them! Woo-hoo. Bring on Hunter Pence and Wandy Rodriguez. What a weekend at Wrigley it will be!

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Rotator Cuffs and Forearms Seriously Frustrating to Cubs Fans

With the off day yesterday, the DL debacle and Dempster’s destruction, it is time to just get it all out and rant like nuts about all things Chicago Cubs.

So, let’s get it on …

Dempster does not look good. In fact, he looks bad.

• I feel like with need a real-life version of ESPN’s fantasy baseball commercial, where Quade sits down with Marmol, Wood and Marshall and lets them know that they might pitch in 150 games each.

• That was just horrific on Tuesday watching the Shark and Mateo completely botch that game. Thankfully, the Cubs still won, but it was just plain ugly.

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Ryan Dempster’s Harry Caray Impersonation (Video)


Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster is probably the Darrell Hammond of Major League Baseball. No one can do impersonations like Dempster. Most athletes struggle to even get a half-way decent soundbite out that isn’t one of these dumb-you-down platitudes: “it is what it is,” “we’re just focused on ourselves,” “i’m just happy to be here, and I’m working hard,” “we don’t look ahead, it’s a one game season,” (alright I’ll stop before you throw up)

But Dempster is witty and funny and can even mimic others, including legendary announcer Harry Caray.

watch below:

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Cubs Ramblings to Report as Pitchers and Catchers Report Soon

I am a rambling, rambling, rambling man.

As you can tell by the headline, it is time to ramble. Let the thoughts flow, let it all hang out, let it go.

So let’s do this. Ramble on!

• Picking up where I left off last week, the Groundhog says Spring is near. I think Punxsutawney Phil must have not seen the 24 inches of freaking snow in Chicago.

• So, the Cubs are giving good ole Lou Montanez another shot. The only person has been given more “second chances” than him is Charlie Sheen.

• I want to take Matt Garza and Carlos Zambrano out for drinks, get them liquored up and then start a fight …

• No, I don’t really want to do that.

• Okay, yes, I totally want that to happen.

• Are the Brewers really going to win the NL Central? Really? Really?

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Ryan Dempster key to any Cubs Turnaround


“Not many people care more than he does,” Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry said of Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster.

The quirky, emotionally expressive hurler is known for both his interesting sense of humor and his burning desire. A native of Gibsons, British Columbia, he’s the team leader in quality starts and innings pitched. In addition to shouldering a lot of the burden on the field, he sometimes carries the load from a media/public/fan relations perspective.

Following his start Wednesday night, a win over Oakland, he was asked about the heat the Cubs are taking from fans and media lately. Specifically, if people are making macrolevel issues out of microlevel mishaps. (but not exactly in those words)

“Maybe the drought of not winning a championship here in so long makes things magnified a little bit more, but as players we don’t think that way,” Dempster responded.

By Paul M. Banks

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Live from Miller Park, Game 3 Brewers vs. Cubs

Miller Park Press Box

It’s a treat for the Sportsbank.net today as well as TSB’s resident Brewers Beat chick.  I’ll be taking the reigns for FoxSportsWisconsin.com and giving you all the latest from Row 1 of the Press Box at Miller Park.

If you like small blue birds, find me tweeting @MilwBrewersBeat and follow along with us that way. If you prefer I serve you your meat and potatoes on a silver platter, just keep logging on for player interviews and my reaction right here on the home page. Today’s preview of Cubs @ Brewers is now served. Bon Appetite!

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I-94’s Disappointment Bowl: Crickets Chirp Over Cubs & Brewers

WGN Radio is hyping hockey, basketball and even…BEARS football?  Attendance is down at both Wrigley and U.S. Cellular Fields. Milwaukee fans are apathetic about northbound traffic from Illinois and no one’s uttered the FIB acronym in weeks.

Wow, the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs must both suck this season. Chicago: your offense is 13th in the league, you’ve scored 234 runs and Ted Lilly hasn’t won a game since his season debut in April. Milwaukee: your pitching is 13th in the league with a team ERA of 5.29. Crack a PBR or a High Life.  Either way, you might need it to get through this week’s Disappointment Bowl.

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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