Rotator Cuffs and Forearms Seriously Frustrating to Cubs Fans


With the off day yesterday, the DL debacle and Dempster’s destruction, it is time to just get it all out and rant like nuts about all things Chicago Cubs.

So, let’s get it on …

Dempster does not look good. In fact, he looks bad.

• I feel like with need a real-life version of ESPN’s fantasy baseball commercial, where Quade sits down with Marmol, Wood and Marshall and lets them know that they might pitch in 150 games each.

• That was just horrific on Tuesday watching the Shark and Mateo completely botch that game. Thankfully, the Cubs still won, but it was just plain ugly.

• Carlos Pena is good at defense.

• Mr. April is back. Kosuke tearing it up to start the year! 23 days left Kosuke, make your last April in blue pinstripes a memorable one!

• I was at Wrigley on Wednesday. There are very few times, if any, that I have seen less people there. It was stunning.

• This just in: The Cubs offense is not really good.

• Well, we get six or seven more games of Good Alfonso before the inevitable month-long slump sets in.

• No, I am not a jaded Cubs fan.

• Darwin Barney is better than I expected. (Yes, this is based off of six games.) I am not a big fan of waiting for a large sample set.

• By the end of the year, I will tell you Darwin Barney is another Ryan Theriot.

• I enjoyed Bob Brenly when he was trying to downplay the fact that Garza gave up 12 hits in 7 innings. Bob, giving up 12 hits is never okay.

• Considering all 12 hits were singles, I think Garza is anxiously awaiting the longer grass at Wrigley.

• What, has something else happened?

• Am I avoiding the elephant in the room?

• Okay, fine. NOT JAMES RUSSELL!!! Someone else.

Cashner looked awesome on Wednesday. I took in the game from the bleachers, and his stuff was electric. I am scared. Very, very scared.

• Randy Wells must have thought it was 2009. He was impressive.

• I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but the cold weather is probably not too good. I am not saying it is a factor, but how does this happen to two pitchers, two days in a row get muscle strains.

Seriously, when was the last time a team put two starting pitchers on the DL on the SAME DAY?

• Seriously … Elias Sports anyone?

• How did it take me this long to mention Starlin Castro? This kid is just a stud. He is just amazing. I am so excited about him. You could stay I am psyched. You could say I am stoked.

• Oh, and yes, full-blown man-crush going on right now. I love Starlin!

• Tyler Colvin could have fooled me that he has never played first in the majors before. He has looked solid the last two days. This is definitely a “nice to have.”

• Glad to see Zambrano keep his emotions under control. He has turned a new leaf.

• RIIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHTTTTTTT! I saw him get fired up on Saturday.

That is all I have for you after six days of baseball. It is already weird that there is no game tomorrow. I cannot give you a breakdown after 6 games. I need another week or two. Then again, the Cubs just put two starting pitchers on the DL. That is so awesome.

Let’s hope the trip to Milwaukee provides some good baseball and multiple victories.

–Brian McCabe

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