Cubs analyst Bob Brenly leaves; Mark Grace, Kerry Wood his replacement?

bob brenly

Chicago Cubs television analyst Bob Brenly will not return next season. We don’t know for certain what he’ll be doing next, but returning to the Arizona Diamondbacks is a possibility. Perhaps as a broadcaster, perhaps as a coach. Could he be replacing Mark Grace who was let go by the team as a broadcaster? Would Gracie then take the Cubs position, making this a de facto television analyst trade?

Who else could replace Brenly? Kerry Wood is a name floating around out there.

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Comedian Jeff Garlin expresses wish for Cubs to trade Alfonso Soriano (video)


Chicago Cubs fans would love to see Alfonso Soriano traded out of The Chi. But curb your enthusiasm for it actually happening- who’s going to take that albatross of a contract off their hands? It didn’t stop comedian/sitcom star Jeff Garlin from expressing his hopes that the Cubbies can unload the most overpaid player in MLB.

Garlin was the guest brought in to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at yesterday’s Cubs game versus the Detroit Tigers and after his rendition, joined the Cubs broadcast booth for the bottom half of the 7th inning. The Cubs announcer duo of Len Kasper and Bob Brenly react as you might expect when the topic of trading Soriano comes up.

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Rotator Cuffs and Forearms Seriously Frustrating to Cubs Fans

With the off day yesterday, the DL debacle and Dempster’s destruction, it is time to just get it all out and rant like nuts about all things Chicago Cubs.

So, let’s get it on …

Dempster does not look good. In fact, he looks bad.

• I feel like with need a real-life version of ESPN’s fantasy baseball commercial, where Quade sits down with Marmol, Wood and Marshall and lets them know that they might pitch in 150 games each.

• That was just horrific on Tuesday watching the Shark and Mateo completely botch that game. Thankfully, the Cubs still won, but it was just plain ugly.

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Cubs’ Ownership Decrees Jim Hendry Will Come Back To Fix the Mess He Made

No one wants to be a giant pessimist about their team.

The Cubs are trying hard to send their fans in that direction though.

On a day where Lou Piniella said that he would be retiring after this season of managing the Chicago Cubs — and who could blame him, really? — the Ricketts’ family also announced that Jim Hendry would be retained for next season.

Now, part of me thinks that this is a stupid idea, but the other part thinks maybe this is more of a punishment for Hendry. A sort of, “If you don’t clean your room, mister, you’re going to bed without dessert!” situation.

Because THAT, my friends, is the only way this move makes any sense.

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Cubs Managerial Candidates: Alan Trammell & the rest of the Field


Alan Trammell: The Bench Coach

Trammell is likely salivating at the idea of making a different kind of managerial history this time around. During his first season as manager of his beloved Tigers, he led a woeful roster to an American League-record 119 losses. He’d eventually turn things around in his final two seasons, with seasons of 72 and 71 wins but his teams never finished any higher than fourth place. Still, he’s got an established rapport with this group of players.

He’s earned the respect of the front office and the team for his work as the Cubs’ bench coach over the years. He is also – to a far lesser extent – the Tigers’ equivalent of Ron Santo, a beloved player who amassed solid numbers over the years that many think should have earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame. He’s won as a player and there’s been no reason to doubt he could win as a manager as well. Besides, I don’t think anyone short of John McGraw or Joe Torre could have done a better job with the Tigers squads of the mid-2000s that Trammell was saddled with.

Matt Lindner’s conclusion of a five part series highlighting who could be the Cubs‘ next skipper.

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Cubs Managerial Candidates: Pat Listach, Bob Brenly


Pat Listach: The Dark Horse

The 1992 American League Rookie of the Year with the Milwaukee Brewers is probably the most interesting candidate on this list. Listach’s playing career flamed out early, but his coaching career has been thriving. Because for as many organizational dues as Ryne Sandberg has paid over the past few years, Listach has him beat several times over. Listach spent six years as a batting coach for Cubs’ minor league affiliates before getting his first managerial gig at AA West Tennessee in 2006. From there, he established himself as one of the best coaches in the entire Cubs’ system, leading Iowa to an 83-59 finish in 2008 and earning Pacific Coast League Manager of the Year honors.

What’s he been up to since? Former Cubs manager Jim Riggleman (more on him in a moment) brought him to Washington as the Nationals’ third base coach, one of the key spots on any Major League coaching staff. He’s got a rock solid reputation amongst the players he’s coached and the coaches he’s worked with. While he’s probably the least sexy choice on this list, he’s certainly done enough for the Cubs to at least have his name be thrown in the hat.

Matt Lindner’s third in a five part series highlighting who could be the Cubs‘ next skipper.

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