These Chicago Cubs are not your Dad’s Chicago Cubs


It is Friday, so it is time for me to get a little nutty, hopefully funny, and somewhat lovey … dovey.

Unfortunately, there is really nothing to talk about as it relates to the Cubs. It has been a very quiet offseason thus far with basically nothing happening.

So, I am really at a loss of what to write. Or, I guess just go on and throw it all out there, so let’s get at it.

• When Theo mentioned Francona as possible manager on Thursday, folks KFC and Popeye’s were screaming towards Wrigley for a promotional contract.

• Meanwhile, the suits at Budweiser just sat back and smiled.

• What? Too soon?

• Mike Maddux just makes too much sense to me. Theo claims he wants to keep Greg around, so hiring Mike would most likely do a lot to make that happen.

• Imagine Mike Maddux managing the Cubs to a World Series victory. Think about that.

• I would argue that Mike would be more beloved by the Cubs Faithful than Greg. It is hard to imagine another Maddux being more liked than Greg, but in the scenario, it would happen.

• I might be “mis-remembering” this, but wasn’t Dale Sveum chased out of Boston for doing his best “Wave ‘Em Home Wendell” impression at Fenway?

• Theo, Jed, MacLeod, Wilken, Fleita, Bush, etc …

• I like that, I like it a lot.

• I also gained a ton of respect for Randy Bush. Theo sung his praises and wants to keep him. That impresses me.

• How about you?

• Like many Cubs fans, I wanted Ryno, but I trust Theo. And if his action of calling Ryne to explain the situation doesn’t speak volumes to you regarding Theo, nothing will.

• I get the feeling Theo is more open than most of us about allowing Zambrano to return. I really hope this is just a smart PR move to draw a possible trade partner.

Hoyer and MacLeod left prominent position to join the Cubs and accept jobs where they will not get nearly as much credit as they would have in San Diego. This tells me a lot about what people think about working for Theo.

• It makes me want to work for Theo.

• Seriously, I would be all good working for the Cubs.

• A short time ago, the Cubs informed season-ticket holders that 10% of their cost would be due by mid-November. This is a departure from the ways of the past where no payment was due until mid-January.

• I assumed this meant that the Cubs expected many would not renew. However, after the events of the past three weeks, I believe things will be much different than originally thought.

• I don’t know much about Pete Mackanin, but he would be a great spokesman for the “Great Looking Gray” shampoo. I think the ladies would call him a “silver fox.”

• In a quick tangent, if you have not seen the television show “Revenge,” you are truly missing out on some good stuff. But, like many shows these days, you have to start from the beginning.

• I don’t think Crane will have a dollop of input for the baseball side, but I believe Theo will be rather involved in the business side. He will, for sure, have his hand in any and all remodeling plans for Wrigley.

• My buddy and I came up with a game last week when Theo was hired. It involves imagining the conversations that Theo and Jed will have when reviewing the roster. I am going to close out the ramblings with a few of these bullets. I ask that you add your own below.

• The game is called “WTF?” The “W” can stand for “who,” “what,” or “where.”

• WTF is Marlon Byrd doing on this team making $5 million a year?

• WTF is going to play first?

• WTF is going to play third?

• WTF, they gave that guy $136 million?

• WTF, we have to pay Ryan Dempster $14 million next year?

• WTF is going to be the 4th and 5th starter next season?

• WTF is any semblance of pitching talent in this organization?

• WTF are the advertisements in the outfield?

That is a rambling sampling of the new “WTF” game. I hope you all enjoy and can add some of yours below. Also, let us know who you want to manage the Cubs.

And until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

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