These Chicago Cubs are not your Dad’s Chicago Cubs

It is Friday, so it is time for me to get a little nutty, hopefully funny, and somewhat lovey … dovey.

Unfortunately, there is really nothing to talk about as it relates to the Cubs. It has been a very quiet offseason thus far with basically nothing happening.

So, I am really at a loss of what to write. Or, I guess just go on and throw it all out there, so let’s get at it.

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Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Eagles Failures Animated by Taiwanese (Videos)


Highly publicized East coast teams in both the MLB and the NFL are suffering right now. The Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Eagles’ misfortunes are so prodigious that their stories are big in Taiwan. That’s right they’re huge in Taiwan. Watch the two animated videos after the jump.

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Terry Francona is the Wrong Boston Red Sox Fall Guy

Theo Epstein

When a team has the largest collapse of all time during the month of September, there is plenty of blame to go around. Terry Francona, former Boston Red Sox manager, received the brunt of it recently after his meeting with the team’s hierarchy. The franchise decided not to pick up Francona’s option for next season.

Theo Epstein is widely viewed as a baseball mastermind. With Brad Pitt playing another baseball executive in Moneyball, it’s a stretch to put Epstein into the same category. Many of his signings haven’t produced the forecasted results. There have been rumors of him heading to Chicago to work with the Cubs, but it’s difficult to fathom his departure unless he is forced out. The only thing that the Windy City brings to the table is a bigger challenge and the headaches that accompany it.

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2011 Baseball Season has been Bizarro World So Far

Fans of all sports typically love to see David slay Goliath. They usually root against the haves and in favor of the have-nots. They must really enjoy attending MLB games so far, because unpredictability has been the norm in April. Albert Pujols, Justin Morneau, and the Boston Red Sox are all prime examples of conventional wisdom being useless thus far when analyzing the early portion of the season.

While the regular season is only about ten percent complete, the relevance of the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians is refreshing to observers all over baseball because it shows the league is not in danger of turning into the NBA.

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