The Chicago Cubs didn’t lose yesterday!!



Hey, everybody, the Cubs didn’t lose yesterday! That is right. They didn’t lose yesterday. Man, what a great feeling.

Yep, that is what this season has become. I am happy because they couldn’t lose. That is awful. But we move forward because that is what Cubs fans do.

And what is the treat we get for moving forward? The Cubs get to play three straight games against the only team that is actually worse than them! Woo-hoo. Bring on Hunter Pence and Wandy Rodriguez. What a weekend at Wrigley it will be!

So with all that said, let’s go a rambling …

• Many pundits have opined about Pat Gillick since the rumors surfaced of his alleged conversation with TR. No, Pat Gillick is now the end-all, be-all. Yes, he would be a great addition.

• I don’t think anyone truly believes the addition of another suit is going turn the Cubs into World Series champions next season. But again, it is a good start.

• I am notorious for not being a hater and for drinking the kool-aid, and that is fair at times, but I like to be as fair as I can.

• And I am being fair when I say that Jim Hendry has had some success. He made some good moves. However, this team has a huge payroll and it pathetically pitiful. The writing is on the wall.

• I just really, really hope someone reads said writing.

• Garza has looked darn good in the recent past. I saw him on Tuesday, and I was impressed. Hopefully, he is settling in finally.

• When a player refuses to waive his no-trade clause due to his family, the conversation and rebuttal should not happen. Whether or not it is an excuse, we should not judge when it comes to family matters.

• If you disagree, I completely respect that. Feel free tell everyone why below.

• Fukudome is hitting .265. TRADE HIM NOW. That is going to .255 at this time next week.

• I don’t recall a pitcher having a more inconsistent season that Ryan Dempster. He has a crazy-dominant outing, then gives up 6 runs in three innings his next. Just hard to understand.

• I just heard the Cubs are willing to absorb a large part of Soriano’s contract if the right trade comes along. That is the BEST NEWS OF THE SEASON!

• Oh, my. I am practically giddy right now.

• In case you didn’t know, it is really hot in Chicago.

• You’re grasping at straws, Q. Grasping at straws, but I don’t envy or really know what to say.

• Hey, ‘Fonz, if you hit the ball over the fence, its called a homerun. I know it’s been a long time for ya, so I wanted to give you a friendly reminder.

• Jeff Baker is untouchable. That would be a good opening line for a stand-up comedian here in Chicago.

• Seriously, just say it out loud. Jeff Baker is untouchable. Dude can’t hit righties, but he is untouchable. Okay, makes sense.

• Well, it makes sense because it’s the Cubs.

• Will Andrew Cashner pitch for the Cubs this year? It makes no sense to have him do so. But since this is the Cubs, he probably will. What are your thoughts on Cashner coming back this year? Let us all know below.

• And for your stat of the week: Jeff Russell has a lower ERA than Zambrano and Dempster. Just think about that.

So there are some nuggets to take in and digest. I want to know how you feel. Go ramble yourself below.

And if this season is any indication, here is an early congrats to the Astros on their series-sweep this weekend.

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans

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