The Chicago Cubs didn’t lose yesterday!!


Hey, everybody, the Cubs didn’t lose yesterday! That is right. They didn’t lose yesterday. Man, what a great feeling.

Yep, that is what this season has become. I am happy because they couldn’t lose. That is awful. But we move forward because that is what Cubs fans do.

And what is the treat we get for moving forward? The Cubs get to play three straight games against the only team that is actually worse than them! Woo-hoo. Bring on Hunter Pence and Wandy Rodriguez. What a weekend at Wrigley it will be!

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Chicago Cubs WIN! And Rod Blagojevich is hoping to as well!

Good morning and happy Friday. I hope each and every one of you out there among the Cubs Faithful is having a wonderful start to the day. Or middle of the day. Or in two days, basically whenever you read this.

I have spent my fair share of time, as well as many others’ fair share of time, inside Wrigley Field, and there were only one or two times the weather made the experience more miserable than it did on Tuesday and Wednesday night. It was horrible. Call it committed or just plain stupid, either way, it was COLD.

So, with that out of the way, let’s start throwing out some random and obvious thoughts and see what sticks against the wall. So, here we go …

• Hey, I can’t see to well … was that just series victory? Really, the Cubs won a series?

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Come Enjoy the Amenities of Wrigley Field for Free…On Extremely Short Notice


For the 10th consecutive year, the Chicago Cubs are opening Wrigley Field up to the people of Chicago to say thank you for their undying, through thick-and-thin support. On Saturday, October 2, 2010, neighbors in Wrigleyville/Lakeview will be able to enjoy free food, refreshments and an opportunity to play catch on the beautiful green grass of Wrigley Field.

Of course, this was just announced yesterday, and the event is tomorrow, so it’s a kind of short notice there. But maybe you have nothing else to do? This sounds a bit like the friend who calls you on Friday night at 9:45 PM, and asks you “hey, what are you doing tonight?”

But this news is still much pleasant than the story that surfaced across the street at Sluggers bar and grill a couple weeks ago.

By Paul M. Banks

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White Flag Warriors

By Paul Schmidt

“We’d rather make our children
martyrs than murderers
We’d rather make our children
White Flag Warriors…”

–“White Flag Warriors,” Flobots, featuring Tim McIlrath of Rise Against

With apologies to the Flobots, whose song White Flag Warriors (I think) is about a generation who would rather not fight the wars our government is sending us to and parents who don’t want their children going to these wars, they have inadvertently written what I propose to be the theme song to the 2010 Chicago Cubs. [Read more…]