Chicago Cubs WIN! And Rod Blagojevich is hoping to as well!


Good morning and happy Friday. I hope each and every one of you out there among the Cubs Faithful is having a wonderful start to the day. Or middle of the day. Or in two days, basically whenever you read this.

I have spent my fair share of time, as well as many others’ fair share of time, inside Wrigley Field, and there were only one or two times the weather made the experience more miserable than it did on Tuesday and Wednesday night. It was horrible. Call it committed or just plain stupid, either way, it was COLD.

So, with that out of the way, let’s start throwing out some random and obvious thoughts and see what sticks against the wall. So, here we go …

• Hey, I can’t see to well … was that just series victory? Really, the Cubs won a series?

• So, that is what it feels like to be happy about a team’s performance. ALERT: I am speaking of happy based on a series victory, not on the season. It is nice to have a small respite every now and again.

• Carlos Zambrano has looked pretty darn good for a large chunk of this season.

• He has also been slightly above average as a pitcher.

• Man, Lou Montanez looked like the kid we thought we drafted. He sure played well on Tuesday and got the second-inning rally started.

• Oh wait, I was still in college when he was drafted. And I am now in my 30’s. Yep, sounds pretty typical for the Cubs.

• Now the Cubs have lost two weather-shortened games in their own stadium in 11 days.

• I know there a lot who don’t like/hate Quade, and he has a ton to prove, but I thought he did a smart thing by going off on the Umps. The weather had not gotten much worse, and I have watched them play with lightning off in the distance.

• This is a direct correlation to Buddy Boy wanting his team to play in National League Central. The unbalanced scheduled puts the six teams at a disadvantage when it comes to the weather. If the Mets were making another visit to Chicago, Wednesday night’s game would have been handled much differently.

• I have said it for years. The division make up is so stupid. Move the Astros to the AL West and let’s be done with it.

• No, I am not whining. Okay, maybe a little.

• Courtesy of a best pal, “The Cubs should buy a plane to go between Des Moines and Chicago the rest of the year the way we are forced to use this bullpen.”

• There are a lot of negative words that can be used to describe poor performances on a playing field. So many words, in fact.

• And yet, I cannot think of one that properly describes Justin Berg’s outing on Wednesday night.

• I have seen a lot of things in my life, but … THAT … WAS … HORRID.

• Aramis is on pace to 3.2 homeruns this season.

• Just let that sink in for a while.

• So, horribly and terribly pathetic. Way to play out your contract year, bud.

• On a happier note, and just let me be positive here, it was great to have an above-average third baseman for all these years. We all know how long it took to find one after Santo, so I enjoyed that.

• I really hope it doesn’t take almost 30 years this go around.

• As I am typing this, my MLB Trade Rumors App just popped up to inform me of the Rodrigo Lopez acquisition. I wait to read all of your thoughts on this move below.

• I have a feeling I know what the general consensus will be.

• My thoughts go out to Marlon Byrd. That is a career-altering injury to a player that is highly regarded by many in the game. Here’s hoping he get better as soon as possible.

• When the weather delays a minor-league rehab stint, things just aren’t going your way. #TypicalCubs.

• Reed Johnson’s heart and hustle are simply awesome. I have to think it is good for some young guys to watch him play. I sure hope so because it is fun to watch.

That is all for now. Here’s hoping the momentum keeps going as the Cubs take on two juggernauts in the next two series.

Houston and Pittsburgh scary …

Until next time …

Stay Classy Cubs Fans!!

–Brian McCabe

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