Robert Griffin III: role model of the year?


Robert Griffin III

Despite recent injury, Robert Griffin III continues to be a great role model and asset for The Washington Redskins.

In sports today, there are very few athletes that can be truly deemed a good role model. There was an ad campaign by Charles Barkley making sure fans knew he was not trying to be a role model for their kids. In the ad campaign he states, “I’m not paid to be a role model. I’m paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court.” Robert Griffin III is a fresh take on the whole athletes as role models idea.

RGIII grew up with great values and continues to show those values. After a big play, he does a sign of the cross as does Tim Tebow but not as noticeable. He does not make his religion the center of attention. RGII is there to play football. Griffin is not a person that will be seen in the news for drinking and driving or drugs.

Unlike some players, teammates like RGIII and he continues to put his team first.

“Griffin is smart enough to fit into any NFL offensive system. He also believes Griffin’s smarts will help him survive physically in the NFL. Griffin’s durability and size (6-2, 210 pounds) could be a concern for some NFL teams because he made a lot of plays at Baylor with his legs,” said Former Baylor teammate Phil Taylor (

Redskins Fred Davis had this to say about Robert Griffin III after the Minnesota game.

“You really can’t say much more,” Davis said. “I mean, like I said, he’s Black Jesus right now. He saved us today. He’s a great player. He makes plays. And he did what he had to do on that third down.” (

The Redskins are generally concerned about their player’s recovery after recent knee surgery. RGIII brings so much to the team: personality, loyalty, skill, and the love for the game. Even when he was injured, RGIII never took himself out of the game for fear of letting the team down. He always knows what needs to be done and what is expected.

RGIII is expected to make a full recovery and should be out six to eight months. He continues to be a great role model not only on but off the field through charities and other community events. As one of the friendlier players in the NFL league, RGIII will be remembered for his football talent and who he is as a person (in a good way) not just by fans but by other teams as well for years to come.

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