Redskins Brandon Banks Over-Celebrating? Joe Theismann Over-Reacting?


If you haven’t seen Washington Redskins punt returner Brandon Banks 95-yard TD return versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the other night- it was electric. You can see the video here at Shutdown Corner.

And you can hear television analyst and former Skins QB Joe Theismann deride Banks for his evil and selfish behavior. The Redskins play-maker was a little too insouciant in the way he flipped the ball out as he hit the plain of the end zone. The replay challenge gave Theismann plenty of opportunity to really articulate his anti-showboating platform.

I see where the ex Notre Dame signal caller is coming from, but seriously this is the NFL and what Banks did was extremely mild and mundane when it comes to end zone celebration standards.

You can see the clip at the Yahoo blog, but this quote is missing from it. (source: Washington Post)

“This is coming back,” Theismann said. “He is NOT in the end zone. He does NOT have possession of the ball when he crosses the goal line, and that’s just downright BAD football sense. That’s a nice job of officiating, and being a hot dog doesn’t get it done. I will say this, I betcha he learns his lesson after this one.”

“Is it so hard, at this day and age, to run the ball into the end zone?” Theismann asked. “I mean, I don’t think football has changed that much where you don’t want to score touchdowns. It’s so simple. It’s SO simple. I mean, you know, why don’t you run, you know what, if you run around and hand it to an official you don’t have to worry about something like this. It’s stupid. It’s stupid hot dogging. See that smile that Mike Shanahan had before? Not smiling now.”

Banks showed remorse about his mistake after the game.

“Aw man, I don’t even remember what I was thinking. I didn’t even realize it was like that. I thought I was 10 yards in the end zone. It won’t never happen again, I promise,” Banks said to Comcast SportsNet, via DC Sports Bog.

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