Jets vs. Titans: NFL Game of the Week



By Rikki Greenberg 

Well I know who I am voting for this week.

The sexy Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini for Coach of the Week of course! Although the brooding, beady eyes of 49ers interim coach Mike Singletary were a close contender, it was the luscious protégé of Belechick that captured my heart and vote. With the Jets (7-3) coming off a rocking win against their division rival/arch nemesis the New England Patriots (6-4) and climbing back to the top of the AFC East,  the leader of the Gang Green machine receiving Coach of the Week props isn’t the only bright spot coming out of the Meadowlands these days.

However, the Jets can’t soar too long because this Sunday’s opponent is none other than the undefeated Tennessee Titans (10-0).  Can the Green and White end the chances for a team’s perfect season like their stadium-mate Giants did to the Jets’ greatest rival in Super Bowl XLII? 
With the sexiness of Coach Mangini, the newly crowned sexiness of Diet Pepsi Rookie of the Week nominee tight end Dustin Keller, and the fine-wine sexiness of GMC Sierra Defensive Player of the Week veteran linebacker Eric Barton, the slightly unsexy Titans don’t stand a chance.


Jets offense vs. Titans defense

Old Man River (26-of-33 for 258 yards against the Patriots) and his arsenal of big-play talent are going to have to step it up against the Titan’s sixth ranked defense (first in scoring defense.) The Jets offense should look out for Titans defensive end Dave Bell, who’ll be seeking for a sack for the fourth consecutive time, 7-year defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, former Memphis  defensive end Tony Brown and veteran defensive end Jevon Kearse (2.5 sacks, 1 FF). If the Jets O-Line can perform like they did during the first half of the Patriots game last week and the Rams in Week 9, the Big Cheese shouldn’t see too much time on the ground during the course of this game. 

Key Match Ups:

Titans Cornerback Cortland Finnegan vs. Green Machine wide receiver Chansi Stuckey

Jets quarterback Brett Favre vs. Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth

Titans cornerback Chris Carr vs. Gang Green wide receiver L.C. (probable with thigh injury) or wide receiver Brad Smith (probable with shoulder injury) and they should watch out for those Wildcat plays (rrrraaahhhrrrr) with Smith


Titans offense vs. Jets defense

The Titans offense shares the same seasoned offensive leader as the Jets. Instead of a salt and pepper Favre in the driver’s seat, it’s a charged up Kerry Collins. The 14-year veteran continues to put up impressive 2008 season numbers with 271 attempts, 160 completions, 1,755 yards, eight touchdowns and four interceptions. Collins’ 82.0 passer rating doesn’t hurt his fantasy status either.  Rookie cornerback Dwight Lowery should be putting in overtime coverage with red hot Titans wide receiver Justin Gage. The sixth-year receiver out of Missouri caught four passes for 147 yards against the Jaguars, making the Week 11 match up Gage’s best game yet. 

The Titans have proven that they can win with either the passing game or the running attack, so it is important for the Jets to shut down at least one. Since the Green and White have a giant defender (a.k.a nose tackle Kris Jenkins) to hopefully clog up running lanes, the safest bet is for Mangenius to focus his game plan there. There’s a reason, well two reasons, why the Titans are ranked 7th in rushing yards per game: 3rd year running back LenDale White and rookie running back Chris Johnson. White has 11 rushing touchdowns this season already.

Key Match Ups:

Titans quarterback Kerry Collins vs. Mangini’s merry band of defenders led by end Shaun Ellis

Titans wide receiver Justin Gage vs. Jets rookie cornerback Dwight Lowery

Titans offensive line protecting vs. the vicious Green and White d line unit


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  1. Jets will be Ten 11th victim this weekend. Pats will win major F U or G F Y game vs. Miami and guess what? we’ll be tied at 7-4 again. C u soon in this same spot atop the AFC East honey!

  2. EIU Cheerleader/SICA Chick says

    Rikki, u go girl!

  3. Jets win 24-20…JETS JETS JETS

    Diddy Out

  4. prowriter0923 says

    Oy! You chose the mean russian lady picture!!! Now I’m for sure not going to have any stalkers!

  5. the links you sent me had “content not found” errors. so I picked this one because it’s content has no….never mind. I tried to think up a smart-ass comment to make about this picture, but I got nothing. sorry.

    I do think its a really nice pic of you though, especailly as columnists shots go.

    re: potential future stalkers

    like Nicole Scherzinger says in the PCD single “when I grow up”…”be careful what you wish for. you just might get it. just might get it. just might get it” as I learned in 2008

  6. Eric Mangini, sexy?? really???

  7. prowriter0923 says

    Yes David K…his sexiness is so profound you can’t even recognize it!

  8. prowriter0923 says

    I love that you finally quote something that I am somewhat familiar with. Your finally reaching out to the younger generation lol

  9. My references have something for all demographics honey

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