Jaguars, Penn St LB Paul Posluszny: Sandusky’s Revered at PSU


As you know, Penn State is known as “Linebacker U.” At least it was prior to the child rape scandal which has engulfed the media world the past five days. Now Happy Valley is more known as “Creepy Valley.”

And when you read the quote below, it’ll get even creepier. Paul Posluszny of the Jacksonville Jaguars shared his thoughts with According to another former Penn State linebacker, Dan Connor, Posluszny and Sandusky were pretty close.

All college football players walk around on campus as if they own the entire planet. Double that at Penn State; double it again if you’re a linebacker at Linebacker U. So you know Posluszny was BMOC in University Park, yet during his time there he saw Jerry Sandusky as someone who walks on water at PSU.- someone much higher above them.

“It’s obviously a very, very disturbing situation for everybody involved,” said Posluszny, who played at Penn State through the 2006 season. “And if it’s true, you feel so awful for the kids, their families, and it’s just one of those things you say, ‘I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.'”

“It’s really, really hard to believe because he’s — Sandusky was a legendary coach that everybody held in such high regard. He was a very respectable, very honorable guy. That’s what we all were led to believe. I just can’t believe it happened. He was done coaching in ’99, but he was still visible, he was still around. Like I said, legendary coach. When guys would see him, man that was a hall of famer. And that’s how we looked at him. We obviously had no idea what was [happening].”

Paul told it like it is. Sandusky was #2 only to Joe Paterno. And as we suspected before, and can now verify in the past 24 hours, JoePa calls the shots in state college. Since Posluszny gave us a glimpse into how things are at Penn St, regarding Sandusky, and why he had keys to the facility AFTER his retirement, and was spotted on campus just a couple weeks ago.

You see now how/why Sandusky was protected there.

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