New Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields Excites Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald


The Chicago Bears did exactly what they had to this NFL Draft weekend- they went out and got a real quarterback. Andy Dalton and Nick Foles simply won’t cut it. Bears GM Ryan Pace and Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy know that, just as they know that this draft and this season is their final chance to get it right.

The draft board fall of Justin Fields is just like the purpose/advantage of cryptocurrency- there is no discernible explanation or reason. The reasons given for why Fields slid down the draft don’t come close to making any sense, but when he did, the Bears made their move to get him.

You can get ready for the NFL season with BetQL’s computer picks. The Bears have very long Super Bowl odds, but if their new QB pans out, who knows what could happen if you wager on the Monsters of the Midway this season.

While Pace and the Bears have deserved every single bit of criticism that they received, you got to applaud him for finally getting this right; at least.

While Pace has been known for making disastrous first round picks, he has actually done pretty well in the middle and later rounds.

However, the Mitch Trubisky debacle has defined his tenure thus far, so maybe he got the miss out of his system and now he’ll hit with this one. At least this time the Bears gave up a lot to move up nine spots (from No. 20 to No. 11), instead of the Trubisky deal- where they gave up a ton only to move up one whole spot.

It’ll all be worth it in the long run, and then some, if Justin Fields does indeed pan out.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald is an Orland Park, IL native and an unabashed Bears fan.

“Just as it is in Cleveland, we don’t hide our fandom here, we’re proud of it,” he said on a late Friday afternoon media call.

“I’m a fan first, in 1985 I was 10 years old when the Bears won the Super Bowl. I could sing the Super Bowl Shuffle right now if you like, but I’d lose my job so I’m not going to do that.”

He then sized up/praised Justin Fields

“I thought he was going to be game changer no matter where he went because of his personality,” the Coach of the Year award winner said.

“He can run, he’s elusive. He’s got great pocket presence, and he scares you when the play breaks down; when he gets outside the pocket is when he’s most dangerous.”

Fitzgerald, who said his phone blew up just as much when Fields was drafted as it did when his two players were selected in the first round.


pat fitzgerald

Without a doubt, this was the most exciting NFL Draft in Northwestern history.

“I think the Bears are getting a guy that’s ready to go,” Fitz said of the new Bears quarterback.

“I’m close with Matt (Nagy) and Ryan (Pace) and I’m fired up for them. It’s really exciting for Justin to come to Chicago.”

He then referenced facing Justin Fields in the Big Ten championship game.

“I’ll say what I said after the last time we played him — I am so happy to know that Justin Fields will never play a game against me again.”

pat fitzgerald

“I had a sense that this was going to happen after our championship game with him.

“I think he got hurt early in that game, and he didn’t use that as an excuse, tells you who he is…and we all knew the Bears needed a quarterback, there’s no shying away from it and we got a quarterback.”

Pat Fitzgerald is just like the rest of Chicago football fans right now- very excited about Justin Fields.

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