Bears Chris Conte rips fans in Tweet; channels George W. Bush



Remember after 9/11 when then President George W. Bush proclaimed “you’re either with us, or with the terrorists” to the entire world? Well the NFL version of that came today after the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears and put the Bears in serious jeopardy of making the playoffs. Bears safety Chris Conte turned on his own fans by tweeting the following:

We have two must win games left. We need all the support we can get. if u aren’t with us then you are against us. Real bear fans #beardown

Channeling my inner nerd (well Vikings punter Chris Kluwe would appreciate this) by quoting Star Wars “only a Sith deals in absolutes.” Yes, only the narrow-minded live in a world where everything is black or white with no shades of grey. What makes this tweet even more offensive is that comes from one of the weakest links on the team, one of the biggest reasons the Bears’ season is falling apart. Conte is anything but a star player.

But he wasn’t the only Bear turning on the fans, conveniently after the home schedule is over and there are no more Soldier Field tickets to sell. Brian Urlacher, during his weekly appearance on WFLD Fox 32, ripped the fans as well.

He also made it clear he doesn’t care for the media, the refs and Lovie Smith detractors (you can read the quotes here)

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  1. Who’s Chris Conte?

  2. exactly. who is this guy to talk?

  3. Play the game! When assignments are blown consistently what are the fans to do? Look the other way? In the business world, if you make the same mistakes over and over you lose your job whether you meant to or not? It appears the coaches are not holding players accountable.

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